Apr 15, 2013

The Quest For Lurpak Brownie Tins and Ikea Paper Napery.

Well played, Adam Scott! Congratulations on being the first Australian ever to win the US Masters.


Even I could sense the tension as the final holes were played. And I don't know any of the rules of golf.


My achievement for the day didn't involve quite as much hand eye coordination as Adam's but was every bit as dependent on strategy. I finally managed to get my hands on one of Lurpak's brownie tin and butter sets. Apparently it's the final week of the proportion and the packs are only available at Coles. My local store had run out, Coles online wasn't selling them but I managed to get one at a larger Coles that's up the road (quite a few actually but the traffic was really good this morning).


Two blocks of unsalted butter and the tin retail for $8 which is pretty good considering that a single block of butter costs $5. Also included is a recipe card with two brownie recipes. However, I'm planning to christen my tin with one of the brownie mixes I have squirrelled away in the pantry.


Ikea slippers, $2.99 a pair.

This cosy looking wall of slippers was on display at Ikea. They've branched out into travel gear and bathrobes as well.

Serviettes from Ikea. $3.99 for 50 in colours, $4.99 for 100 in white.

It was all very tempting but I managed to walk past it all and on to the ground floor Market Hall where I found what I was originally there for. The serviettes. That's right. Not the Billy bookcases or the Swedish meatballs or even the candles but the paper napery. I went a bit fashion forward today and bought a package of taupe serviettes. I'm suddenly realising, as I type this post, that I don't actually have any table linen that will actually match. Never mind, another reason to plan an Ikea trip never goes astray.

Ikea serviettes are the best. They're thick enough to do what they're meant to do without disintegrating halfway through the job. They also look and feel a bit fancy. Which is always good when you're hosting a causal, last minute dinner party and you're serving home delivery. Actually, I don't think I can even call what I do a dinner party, I serve beverages straight from the can or bottle (except champagne, I do have some standards). It would be more technically correct to say that I am 'providing stainless steel cutlery and china plates for the chicken Pad Thai'. With good paper serviettes.

And on that note, I shall leave you. I have to finish cleaning the microwave by blitzing a bowl of cut lemons and water in it.

Take care.


  1. Come and clean my microwave please!
    If Ikea wasn't such a pita to get to I'd be tempted by those napkins!

  2. HECK Yes Lurpak pack and tin FTW!! I have already made brownies or rather Mick did. :)
    Glad you found them.


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