Apr 12, 2013

Celebrity Facial Confusion. DIY Hair. Saving.

Despite the fact that her name was in both the spine of the magazine and on the cover, a few centimetres away from her face, I was stil having trouble joining the dots this morning.


Then again it could have been my sleep deprivation or the fact that I needed coffee rather than tea but.... Katie Holmes, is that really you? An 80s supermodel you? It must be a sign of old age on my part because celebrity facial confusion seems to be hitting me quite often these days. It's a given that I have in idea who the latest It Girl modes and actresses are but when the faces you grew up with no longer look familiar, it is a bit of a concern.


Anyway, InStyle's agenda for May 2013 is hair that flatters and dresses that instantly slim. I'm still trying to find the dress article but the hair report was interesting. The agenda for my locks is that I need to embrace a blunt fringe and soft waves. The soft waves I can do. Wet hair tied up in a pony and twisted into a bun and left to dry is my default hair 'styling' option these days. The blunt fringe ..... Do I dare see if I can find and follow a DIY video on YouTube?


I'm probably the last person in the world you'd expect to be saying this but it appears that my savings have caught up with me. Frugal February turned into Meagre March and I'm here at the start of Austere April with a head start on my savings goal for the month. My credit cards have been hibernating in my wallet and I've nearly forgotten the card numbers, expiry dates and three digit security verification numbers for both of them. I'm expecting a call from the CBA soon to investigate this sustained period of low activity.


It's a good feeling. I'm not wanting for anything at the moment and I've got funds allocated for the numerous deductions that continue even when you've taken yourself off on maternity leave. My big holiday for this year is the trip back home to Perth next month. I don't think I can do too much shopping damage there, surely? The days will be filled with friends and family. Then again, I have heard vicious rumours about Perth coffee prices... $7 for a latte in the suburbs is the rumoured going rate.


Perthies, is this really true? Will we be forced to share a thermos of instant and a packet of Granitas when we meet up?






  1. I wish our finances were as healthy! Good work for being so frugal SSG!

  2. Katie? Is that you? Katie?
    Frugality is the new black! :)

  3. that so doesn't look like Katie. They've definitely altered her!

    As for Perth - I have paid $5 for coffee, not more though. $7 is outrageous!

  4. Katie's look can only be described as Fierce.
    LoL re the frugality and the credit card company calling you. Maybe Mr. Swan will call you too for failing to support the economy. (Though Mr. Abbott would be proud as you have had a baby which is what he likes to see.
    BTW I have a new blog over at cilosophy.blogspot.com. In with the blogger platform, out with the wordpress, I would be thrilled if you could add it to your reader.

  5. $7 for a latte sounds likely, especially around here in the 'golden triangle'. Thank goodness I don't drink coffee.


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