Apr 8, 2013

Monday Appropriate Bubbles. Kevin Endorsed Tea.

The mid morning sun is so beautiful at this time of the year. It has a soft, blurred edge to its rays yet it radiates a powerful warmth when filtered through windows.


I couldn't think of a nicer place to warm my toes on a Monday morning.




I know is was the Logies last night. By the way, congrats Asher on the gold and I can't wait to see you in the forthcoming season of Offspring.



And the new season premier of The Voice Australia. Is it okay to be both Team Joel and Team Ricky? Also, Delta has me seriously considering black onesies as the new incarnation of the LBD..... Believe me, if it ever happens for me, I'll blog about it.

But seeing as i didn't actually watch either all the way through, it might be best for me to focus on things I've actually finished. Food is always a safe bet. So, lets go!

The responsible service of alcohol....
Have you tried the new pink champagne Magnum ice creams? They're appropriate for any time of the day, any day of the week.


I had a close look at the wrapper for you, just to make sure.


They contain a whole heap of energy and fat but absolutely no alcohol. Interestingly, the ice creams are made in Germany. I was under the impression that products bearing the word 'champagne' in their name had to be made in France, in the champagne region. Perhaps regulations have been relaxed now as both countries are in the Euro zone and have helped bail out Greece and Cyprus. But that's by the by....


The trademark thick chocolate shell of these Magnums have a shimmering pink top coat. I haven't done it justice with my photo. In real life, it's a dusty mauve pink.



The ice cream itself is delicious. I know this sounds strange but I could taste champagne and strawberries. Pretty sophisticated for supermarket ice cream. The other clever trick is that the whole thing tasted much lighter than other Magnum varieties that I don't think you can stop at just one. I'm not sure if these are a limited edition but currently a box of four retails for around $8. There is also an espresso flavour I may just need to get as well.



My other supermarket find is this new tea from Twinings. It's an Australian Afternoon Tea. I remember reading some publicity for it which stated that Kevin Rudd himself had a hand in the composition of the final brew. There is mention of this on the box, not even a signature from our former PM. Just the regular 'by royal appointment' seal.


I've had three cups of this tea already today and it's strong and to the point. No fancy frills and top notes, just a straight up cuppa that's guaranteed to steel your nerves and give you buckets of dignified silence as you sit by the side lines and watch one Mr Abbott and Ms Gillard slug it out over the next five months. I don't know, perhaps Parliament House catering should do a bulk order of Australian Afternoon Tea from Twinings. It might help to make the blend a permanent line in Australia. Which would please me and most of Australia no end. To the point that we could all be conveniently persuaded to forget that the last couple of years of federal politics ever happened......



  1. My friend has raved a lot about this Australian afternoon tea.
    I'm going to have to check it out. I'm a magnum fan big time.. love love love them.

  2. So happy for Asher and cannot wait for Offspring. Have you seen the new promo for season 4. So good.


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