Apr 27, 2013

Nearly On Our Way.

It's all happening this Monday. I'm flying solo with Baby SSG back home to Perth for a few weeks. I have a three day plan for the packing and it started yesterday with my last Friday skinny mocha in Sydney for awhile.


Then it was off to the sofas outside Target where I had a bit of a sit down whilst I tried to remember all the things I needed to buy.


Even with the mental shopping list, I still walked out with twice as many things as I was supposed to. Toy sales and bargain baby thermals, how coud I resist?


As luck would have it, I found a T2 store on my travels. My latest T2 addiction is their blend of Chai. It has the perfect blend of smokiness and spice for me. My stash of tea bags are coming with me to Perth. Just in case I can't get myself to a Perth store the moment we land.


Today saw me action the second phase of my packing plan. It involved a stealth declutter of my wardrobe. I've finally done it. My maternity wardrobe went to Vinnies today. The empty hangers are now rattling at me, just begging to be draped in some new threads. Which means that some shopping will probably go down in Perth. Another incentive for me to pack light.
Speaking of packing, why can't everything you've laid out on the spare bed magically fold and fit itself into your suitcase? I spent a good hour this afternoon trying to use the power of thought to make it happen but sadly, I've just checked and nothing's moved.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting developments. Highlights will include my trying to pack the pram into its travel bag and then squeeze as much as I can in the gaps.



  1. Hope you have a fun trip! Kudos on the packing too, I can barely pack the appropriate amount of stuff for myself on trips, difficult to imagine packing for a baby too!

  2. Happy weekend from Italy!

  3. Have a great trip!
    BTW shouldn't you hold onto maternity wardrobe for round 2? :) But I can say that I had great satisfaction in giving away/throwing everything out.


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