Apr 20, 2013

Angkor Wat. Adventures In Denim.


I am my mother's daughter in many respects but the one thing I lack is her sense of adventure and love of spur of the moment vacationing. A case in point is the post holiday catch up phone call we had yesterday. What was meant to be a brief trip back to Malaysia to catch up with her brothers and sisters ended up involving an impromptu side trip to Cambodia to take in Angkor Wat. My mother reasoned that since she was in that part of the world, she might as well continue on her quest to see all the Wonders of the World. She managed to talk a brother and a sister into going with her and together they took a 'very pleasant two hour flight' to Cambodia and landed at an 'interesting airport nestled in some beautiful greenery'. The majesty of the temple filled her with awe and the steep walk left her invigorated. She highly recommended that I get myself there one day.


Hearing about my mum's little adventure made me think about my own life and how a little bit of excitement wouldn't go astray. The soaring temples of Cambodia may be off limits for me right now but my local Cotton On is only a short drive away, nestled within the walls of a very baby and pram friendly shopping centre. As an antidote to the grey skies and rain, my mission at Cotton On was to find some new skinny jeans to add some colour and interest to my SAHM uniform of jeans and nursing tops. It takes a brave woman in her late, late thirtysomethings to go in search of jeans at a 'youth' label but after a particularly efficient workout, I was riding on a rush of endorphins and that reflected self confidence you get from having just shared the air and weights room with the hard core body building set at the gym.


There's lots of good news to share about the skinny jeans situation at Cotton On:

  • They have a special offer on selected styles at the moments, two pairs for $60 - online and instore
  • The current cut acknowledges women with hips and waists, the waistband doesn't sit super low
  • The leg length is fine for people of 'average' height, I'm around 167cm tall and they weren't swimming on me
  • I'm between sizes so went up a size in the interests of public decency
  • There's a fair bit of stretch in the denim
  • I found the range of colours and prints both interesting and wearable.


So, with Baby SSG guarding the change room door in his pram, I faced the difficult task of choosing the two designs I thought would get the most wear from as well as being different enough to what I already own to justify being bought.


The suspense must be killing you. Here's what my jeans look like on actual models.



Maison skinny leg jeans
Traveler paisley print in Robin Hood green


I love the paisley print on these Maison style jeans. Not to mention the fact that they're in a shade of green called Robin Hood! I might have to accessorise with a quiver of arrows or with a feathered cap.

Ritchie skinny leg jeans in red

My other choice was a solid red. Though the style name is different, the Ritchies are the same cut as the Maisons.

The challenge is now on to match them with my existing winter items. And also to not go overboard and go back for the camouflage and olive green styles....


  1. Those red jeans will look great on you!! I've been to Cambodia and seen the Angkor Wat and it was absolutely amazing. I would recommend it if you can get there :)


  2. Olive green yes, camo print noooooo! I'm too much of a worrier to be spontaneous

  3. Your mum's trip sounds amazing! She's so lucky :)

    Really like your jeans selection - I tried on a cute polka dot pair at cotton on and keep thinking about it. Some of my fave skinnies are cotton on ones, they do it well! :)

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