Apr 2, 2013

Pontes, Objectively Speaking. A Supermarket Beauty Hall.

I love you, J Brand skinnies and up a size Witchery long line, fitted scoop neck tops. We're still friends. After all this time and all those carbs last year.

I had a bit of a new mum ego boost this morning. I can really fit into my pre pregnancy J Brand skinnies. And by really I mean no cheating and not breathing out or being able to walk when the zipper is done up.
Okay, it is superficial but it was my life affirming Oprah moment for the day. In Oprah speak, my fitting into those jeans wasn't about reaching a particular number on the scales but rather an objective measure of how my fitness has improved over the last few months. That sticking to a fitness plan has paid off and has been worth the effort and early starts. It doesn't matter who you are, a little bit of Oprah in your day never goes astray.
To celebrate, I rocked that outfit to the dentist where I had even more good news. My teeth were given a clean bill of health in spite of my love of a regular can of Coke Zero. Flossing and Listerine, they give back to your teeth what evil carbonated caffeinated beverages take away.

In search of a non food treat for all that good health news, I went to Witchery to try on those leather ponte trousers the cool girls are loving this season. Fortunately for my credit card, my size has sold out in store and on line. To be completely honest, the ponte cut doesn't do me any favours in leather or any other fabric. So it looks like I will be shopping my wardrobe a lot more this winter and living in the rest of my skinny denim archive.
The beauty hall, ground floor of the Town Hall Woolworths.


If you frequent the large Woolworths across from Town Hall, you might already have seen their new beauty hall. Nikki over at Styling You gave me the heads up about this in a post she wrote recently. There are plans to roll out the concept in other Woolworths later this year.
The area is spacious, airy, well lit and has pale wood style flooring. It's the kind of place that is so much fun to browse you'd make it a point to go grocery shopping daily if this were your local Woolies.
In addition to all your go to 'masstige' hair and beauty brands, lines that were traditionally the preserve of the department stores such as ModelCo, GHD and Fresh are also available. While the spaciousness off the beauty hall is a huge plus for CBD store, I thought there may have been a bit too much empty space at the expense of more products. The range looked less comprehensive than what Priceline up the road offers. The point of difference for Woolies though is their much longer trading hours than the competition.


They're going through the alphabet over at L'Oreal with the release of the L'Oreal CC cream hot on the heels of their BB range. CC stands for colour correction - redness, fatigue and dullness being the targets of this cream.

Fragrance wise, both men's and women's scents are available. Brands available range from celebrity creations to Anna Sui, Prada and the cosmetic houses such as Lancôme and Estée Lauder.
Essie is the nail polish of choice at the nail salon of the beauty hall. Manicures, make overs and skin consultations are complementary.


Well, that was my excitement for the day. I hope you had a good first day back in the real world after a four day long weekend.


  1. Check you out!!!

    My very trendy sister-in-law-to-be swears by her disco pants, made out of slightly sparkly but thick and tough lycra.

    You are certainly cutting a fine figure and looking very yummy mummy. :D

  2. Kay HermosaVogueApril 2, 2013 at 7:55 PM

    I'm still in awe of how amazing you look

  3. Wow did you really only have a baby a few months ago? What's your secret you look fantastic

  4. She Wore It Well BlogApril 2, 2013 at 8:50 PM

    HOORAY for old J Brands. Mine are about 2cm away from fitting. Gotta give it time!

  5. You look great! Can't believe those photos are of woolies - quite a makeover indeed!

  6. You look fab, SSG! Can't believe L'oreal has a CC cream - sounds the same as chanel's CC cream.

  7. I'm envious that that's your local Woolies! Thanks for the link love x As for ponte and leather? We are heading to fashion week next week. I have embraced!

  8. Hostess of the Humble BungalowApril 3, 2013 at 2:21 AM



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