Apr 13, 2013

Saturday Sun.

There's no other word for today's weather but spectacular. No matter where you were in Sydney today, you were looking out at the world under a brilliant blue sky.



There was was just enough of all the good stuff (sunshine, sea breeze and warmth) and none of the things that would seriously cramp your style on a Saturday like rain and humidity. Everyone I met had a huge smile on their face and laughter in their voice. It's amazing how good weather never fails to lift everyone's spirits.
Sartorially speaking, Birkis and faded denim flares were the order of the day. I'm still loving my pair from Next Direct after all of these years. They were the basis of an outfit perfect for sipping at a cup of Campos coffee in.


You find the darnedest things at Big W these days.



It was the Small Paul range the other week, modelled here by Baby SSG.



And $1 bubble sticks this week.


Modelled by myself this morning. Endless hours of fun!



I wonder if Eric Stonestreet helped make it all happen at Big W through his involvement in their latest ad campaign.

Over at Coles, it looks as if the twitter bird has now been immortalised on a shopping bag, Anya Hindmarch 'I'm Not A Plastic Bag' style.

Happy Saturday evening to you!




  1. The best kind of evenings! Love Baby SSG's Small Paul tee & those bubble sticks look so much fun

  2. Bubble sticks are awesome. My 2 year old loves chasing the bubbless

  3. Those $1 bubble sticks are fantastic. My kids absolutely love them!!! Is the kiddies Paul Frank stuff still current at Big W or is it old? I may have to drop by Big W :p


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