Apr 10, 2013

Photos and Apps Of Interest.

If there's a photo that's guaranteed to give you a mid week chuckle, it would have to be this.


John Goodman in character for his role in the forthcoming Hangover movie. Even if you're not a fan of the series, doesn't John look like he's having a ball on set? A hint of tan, retro sunglasses, a flash of Missoni around his neck.... It's a man's man, metrosexual look. I've no idea how John's character fits into the plot but I won't have long to wait to find out. May is just around the corner.


If you can't wait until then for a hit of Goodman, Argo is on DVD now and he's brilliant in it. He's rocking an early eighties Hollywood look, in a man's man way, of course. Argo is a brilliant film full stop, actually. All the awards it has won are richly deserved.

I've finally gotten the hang of that scanner bar code thing for iPhones. I've seen the scanning square all over place but never quit understood how they worked. One of my favourite cafes recently switched their coffee cards over to a paperless version using eCoffeeCard and it's right up the with sliced bread on the best things scale. No more rifling through every card in my wallet at the cash register. No more wallet bulge from all the extra thickness of my various loyalty cards.

It must be a good app week for me because look what else I've installed on my iPhone?




That's right, there's an Offspring app for tragics like me. It's free and on iTunes.


Some helpful readers also told me about the new season's promotional clip. It's looking like a great season and in the interests of spreading the love, I've embedded the clip in this post.


Well, the sun beckons. I'm heading out to catch some rays and clock a few kms on the pram. Happy Wednesday, wherever you may be!






  1. I fricking love Offspring. I also love Styling you's "so you want to dress like Nina Proudman" series that she did last year. Asher Keddie is Magnificent. I have a bit of Kat Stewart overload though, two shows on channel 10 may be overdoing it.

    I have not downloaded the app. I am curious to see who the hot mysterious doctor is, I've a feeling it might be a lady doc.

    Am looking forward to nights with lady friends glued to the telly. No talking except during the ad breaks. A glass of red or two to take it all in.

    Hope to see you later this fine month.


  2. Lisa @ Blithe MomentsApril 11, 2013 at 6:51 PM

    Love John Goodman! I haven't seen any of the Hangover movies, maybe it is time to catch up.

    Can't wait for Offspring, gosh good telly coming soon.


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