May 21, 2013

A Mug of Tea. Breakfasts.


Have you ever had one of those days where, if you could, you'd put the kettle on and make a large mug of tea for google and the internet in general? Because it must be such hard and draining work, neither of them would have time to scratch themselves, let alone scrabble around for a tea bag in the office tea room.


Well, I made that mug of tea today and drank it on their behalf.
Perhaps I should elaborate. This morning, my iPhone developed the dreaded black screen of death. It suddenly refused to turn on and nothing I did to it could get rid of that blank screen of blackness. These things happen always happen at the worst possible time, don't they? My mind went into overdrive as the implications of my dead phone crossed my mind. Months of baby photos gone, being uncontactable the day after I'd left messages for friends to call me, the thought of having to visit an Apple store with a pram and baby in tow....
And just when my head was threatening to explode, google calmly stepped in to save my day and my phone. It turns out the sure fire way to fix 'black screen' is to press both the power switch on the top right corner of the phone and the circular master button on the front for a full 10 seconds. The white apple icon should then appear on screen and you're back in business.
In even more dramatic (!!) news, there's been a slight change to my breakfast lineup. I'm taking a break from Weetbix with my yoghurt and having BelVita breakfast biscuits instead. Goodbye, soggy wheaty stuff that doesn't always get enough yoghurt on it and hello crisp biscuits that I dip into my yoghurt instead. I've tried the cranberry and fig varieties of BelVita so far and of the two, fig is my favourite.
And so another day in Perth has come and gone. The endless blue sky over the river, the space and the easygoing speed at which my little corner of the city strolls at are so very calming, it's going to be hard to snap back into Sydney speed. Thank goodness I've go a few more weeks here.


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  1. Cilosophy.blogspot.comMay 21, 2013 at 9:26 PM

    I've not tried be vita bickies. I am an oats grrrrl all the way.


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