May 27, 2013

Afternoon Tea At Ikea. Size Zero.



You can't leave it too long between trips to Ikea and you can't pass up the chance to visit Ikea's largest store in the southern hemisphere. It's so large I got lost trying to find the car park entrance. But once inside, the store layout was reassuringly similar to the Ikea at Rhodes. Except for the fairy lights in the parents' room and the minimalist trees in the restaurant area.


Predictably, my first (and only) stop was for food. I'm already looking at having to pay for extra baggage for my flight back to Sydney; add a few flat packed pieces of furniture and you're looking at the equivalent of on extra ticket in baggage.


It didn't take long to find myself a bargain. Fifty cents for a chocolate truffle! Don't mind if I do.

Ikea in WA isn't part of the Ikea Family program so I had to shell out for a mug of tea which came with a Danish. While the Danish was dry and rubbery, the chocolate truffle was all kinds of good.


It had a rich chocolatey taste yet was as light as a feather. Well worth a try the next time you're there. I hope the truffle makes its way over east.




In other food news, I've been getting my Japanese fix all over the city.

Baby SSG had to make do with just having a look at the sushi train ... for now.


Speaking of Baby SSG and food, he's moved on from rice cereal and onto fruit purée. I'm being a lazy mother and relied on purée from the supermarket at the moment (but is it all okay if I buy organic?) until I get the right consistency on my own. The good news is, Baby SSG loves his fruit. The bad news is that anything else I feed him has to have a squeeze of fruit on it. He's even refusing to drink plain water and I'm reluctant to add purée to it or give him fruit juice at this point. Has anyone got any ideas or stories to share?

Oops! These are 00 but I had to exchange them for the 0.


Besides discovering (or perhaps because of) his sweet tooth, my bubbly little man is now a size zero in Bonds. Which, as any parent will tell you is the reverse of vanity sizing for adults. Bonds tends to run rather small for babies and you tend to reach sizes a few months earlier than you would in most other brands. To celebrate, I splashed out on a couple of half prices Wondersuits at Coles last week.


I hope all is well with you. Apologies for the infrequent posts these days. If blogged for you every day, id run the risk of being extremely repetitive and time is too precious to be wasted on reading the same old same old.


Have to run. A pair of small, sticky hands and a mouth(!!) wants a go on this iPad.



  1. That choc truffle looks amazing, yay for Ikea! Regarding plain water, I tricked Bubs last time: it'd be a spoonful of fruit puree, followed by a spoon of water, then fruit puree again.

  2. Being Swedish I'm addicted to IKEA.

  3. I would avoid the organic baby food and organic fruit and veg in general - they have less nutrients such as iron because being organic, nothing can be added to the soil like regular vegetables & fruit otherwise they can't call it organic.


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