May 3, 2013

Friday Afternoons In Perth.

Friday afternoons in Perth rock.





For a start, you get to drive home at speeds of 80 km/h on the freeway, in peak hour.

Which means you make such good time that you can ease into the weekend with a cup of tea at home.
I've been out and about today, making the most of the sun and excellent traffic conditions.
My first stop was the gym where I tested out my new Michelle Bridges One Active gym leggings. Michelle's range is at Big W and part proceeds go to breast cancer research. The leggings range in price from $20 - $25 and come in both full and 3/4 lengths. I'm really happy with both styles I bought. They're a flattering cut, very comfortable and thick enough to hold you in a bit and to allow you some idle daydreams that perhaps you are already as toned as Michelle herself, without even having done her 12WBT program. This is a very trivial point but the legging fabric is not that shiny sausage skin Lycra but a more flattering matte finish. Just a pet peeve of mine, overly shiny black leggings.
A Dome coffee, for old time's sake.

Then, Baby SSG and I took a very relaxing drive across the river to Garden City, the go to shopping centre of my younger years. It was a bit surreal revisiting the GC as a pram pushing, dressed for comfort mum. I've still got it though - I knew where everything was and we didn't get lost once.

It was a pram pushing mother's kind of shopping trip. Tightly choreographed and limited to stores with wide aisles.


I finally found a Coles that stocks Mix apparel. This pendant was $12 and will be perfect for dressing up the basic outfits I packed.


My other Coles finds from earlier this week are this mug and tumbler, $5 and $3 respectively.


Chambray shirt $39, thank tops 2 for $20, black skinnies, $39.99 - all by Cotton On.


But back to today's finds. I can't believe it but this is the second time in my life that chambray shirts and double denim are fashion dot com. I'm possibly a little over the hill to be pairing chambray with back skinnies but hey, I'm in Perth, the city of my youth. What better place or reason to relive a key 90s trend?



But the adventures didn't stop there. I had an urgent cleanser shortage to address. It turns out that Kiehl's isn't a fixture in the 'burbs here like it is in Sydney so I had to be brave and try another brand. I'll let you know how this Nivea mousse cleanser pans out. Beauty products in mousse form. Another trend I'm seeing for the second time in my life. Gee I'm ancient, even if I don't feel it.


Happy Friday evening all the same!


  1. Glad you are having fun in Perth! Never knew that Coles sold jewellery though, will have to look next time I'm there! :)

  2. Been hearing good stuff about MB's tights.. I'm so obviously buying them for the times i go exercise - never. I'm feeling nostalgic too. Dome or in Singapore it was Olio Dome was the height of sophistication.

  3. Which coles in Perth stocks MIA? That's a surprise!

  4. Oops... meant MIX? Thanks again!


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