May 11, 2013

Good Hair Days Are Here Again.


As invigorating as my foreshore walks have been, they've not been kind to my hair. My tresses (though dreadlocks may be the more accurate descriptor for what my wash and wear wavy hair looks like these days) are that awkward shoulder length that just pulls back into a pony tail but invariably mostly escapes physical restraint by lunchtime. Add the bracing winds from across the water and I end up looking like one of those troll dolls at the end of my walk. Never the chic wind swept look for me....


Embracing my inner troll didn't appeal so instead I set out I search of some five second hair solutions that would survive a walk in the wind. I've road tested a couple of things from Priceline and they've both passed the foreshore walk test with flying colours.


Lady Jayne Claw Grip Super Hold Sports Style - $7.49 small, $8.49 large. Available in black and tortoise.



Our first contender is the Lady Jayne Claw Grip Sports Style Super Hold. Available in black and tortoise, the clip is available in two sizes and retails for $7.49 and $8.49 depending on size. I found the grip with these silicone coated clips much tighter than the ordinary plastic version. Deceptively small looking, the larger size held my hair back for hours without needing to be redone.



Candidate number two is the Scunci Updo Stick (one size, $9.99). A but more tricky (but only just) than the Lady Jayne clip, it's simply a hair elastic attached to a plastic hair pin. To use, sweep your hair back into the desired style before weaving the pin through your 'do. Secure with the elastic. I was surprised that this worked as well as it did for me given how thick my hair is. But yes, my hair stayed up through an hour's walk in the wind and beyond. I didn't look at my hair from behind but in profile, it vaguely looked like a neat French twist.



I'm also getting reacquainted with my hair dryer which has definitely made my hair easier to manage as well.

Here's to good hair!



  1. I use the lady jane clip all the time - best one ive found :) Might try the other one for something different.

  2. I use the lady jane clip all the time - best one ive found :) Might try the other one for something different.

  3. I'm going to be really clueless with that updo clip. I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to up-do it.


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