May 15, 2013

The Budget. Mothers Days.


Well ahoy there! It's felt like ages since I've last posted.


I've been on strict rations with my mobile data allowance these last few days which explains my absence from the blog. Too much fancy wifi-ing via my mobile phone by the looks of things. Fortunately, I'm now a day and a half out from the start of a new billing cycle with megabytes to fritter away so let's do this.


How have you all been? Besides waiting for the Federal Budget, I mean. The projected deficit is currently some crazy number - around $20 billion?! Then again, that was from today's paper. Who knows what it will be by the time I finish this post. Whatever the case, it looks like Mr Swan and Co. are feeling even less love for me than they did in the last budget (if that's even possible).


With that in mind, I've been applying myself to the art of austerity. As exemplified by my bottle of J&J baby oil. It was my go to makeup remover back in my student days and by jingo, it still works a treat in everything. Even those hardcore mascaras that practically renovate you entire lash line with the flick of a wand.


Does Pantene count as pinching pennies? It's all relative I guess. I've noticed that the supermarkets are now stocking spendy hair care these days so under $5 a bottle for Pantene looks frugal in comparison. I've mixed things up by trying the Nature Fusion conditioner with my old faithful Aqua Light shampoo. The Nature Fusion range has a lovely honey scent.


It's been Mothers Days for me this week. I'm blessed to have so many strong, generous and inspiring mothers in my life. So many that it has taken me most of this week to catch up with them all.


It's not a family lunch at my Aunty's unless her made from scratch spring rolls are on as entree.


Mothers Day proper was at my Aunty's house. We had a steam boat lunch on the back verandah, surrounded by my uncle's amazing citrus trees and herb garden. The next day, Baby SSG and I were guests of honour at a 'ladies lunch' at my parents' house. Many of the ladies present were the women who shaped my childhood with that blend of straight talking (delivered with tablespoons of love) and delicious home cooked food that you don't realise how much you miss and treasure until you're given it all again as an adult woman and new(ish) mother of one.


I've also caught up with my beautiful friends from uni and school who've barely changed except for their uncanny ability to maintain the thread of a conversion through squeals, tumbles and urgent requests for their attention from the children who've brought so much joy and contentment to their lives. Yes, we're all just a little different from our glory days at uni and then when we were flush with the freedom our first pay cheques from work bought us.




Speaking of mothers, I entered a new phase of my own fledgling motherhood today. I started Baby SSG on solids. It was a pretty smooth introduction actually. Baby SSG took to the concept of a spoon and organic baby rice like a discerning foodie. He's obviously got his parents' food loving genes. Barely a mess was made as those spoonfuls made it into his mouth and stayed put. I am told though, that the real fun begins when those curious, constantly moving hands decide to do the feeding for themselves.





  1. www.romladolcevita.wordpress.cMay 15, 2013 at 6:24 PM

    Love the oil, use it after swimming too. Best from Italy.

  2. Cilosophy.blogspot.comMay 15, 2013 at 8:05 PM

    Yummmmmm. Home made spring rolls!
    I'm so glad you had a lovely first Mother's Day!
    Why don't you think Swanny loves you?

  3. Happyeverafter BrideMay 17, 2013 at 12:21 AM

    we had steamboat for M day too! congratulations on the milestone with Baby SSG!


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