May 17, 2013

The Forty Year Old Slow Cooker. A Day Without Chai.




What's not to love about a kitchen appliance that's still going strong in its forties?

Meet my mum's retrotastic Sanyo Slow Cooker. It's got all the features I love most about appliances from that era. That orange heating unit, the brown enamelled cooking bowl, the fabric coats power cord, even the font on the heat dial. Mum's slow cooker has survived three children and three house moves. Despite the signs of wear on the outside, the glassware is without a single crack or chip - which is more than I can say for my five year old model.


Mum unearthed the slow cooker this morning when we decided that it was perfect weather for chicken soup. As she got to work giving it a clean, I chopped the ingredients for our soup. It was just like the old days when I lived at home and would give mum a hand in the kitchen to prepare dinner after she'd come in from a long day at work.

Speaking of long days, I had a dire situation in the pantry earlier this week. A lone T2 Chai teabag with a whole day ahead of me. I usually have two (or more) mugs a day and the thought of being reduced to a single drink was almost enough to make me cancel the rest of the day. I've only recently discovered chai and I think I'm making up for lost time. I like the smoky, heady warmth in its taste. It has more soul than the black teas I usually drink yet it's more subtle with its flavours than coffee.

It was a long Thursday without my chai but today we were brought back together in spectacular fashion. I wasn't taking any chances with running out again during this stay in Perth so I bought a tin of 60 tea bags just in case.


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  1. Happyeverafter BrideMay 19, 2013 at 8:40 AM

    My MiL's slow cooker was a wedding present to them that they still use till today too! I get annoyed that the bowl doesn't detach but the cooker cannot be faulted for its resilience having survived many winters put to hard work.


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