May 7, 2013

Time Well Spent. Retro Ranch.

Well, that didn't last long.



I'm afraid it's curtains for that Nivea cleanser and I. It's been pretty harsh and drying on my skin, despite being designed specifically for dry and sensitive skin.



It's just as well I'm a lateral thinking shopper because I finally made the association between Mecca Cosmetica and Kiehl's yesterday. Whilst Kiehl's may be in short supply at my local DJs, I m surrounded by Mecca stores in my neck of the woods. So I managed to find my favourite cleanser, 'the one with the blue writing on the label' and now all is well with my skin. Not that necessarily needed to know all of that but there you have it.



Living back at home with mum and dad is definitely agreeing with Baby SSG and I. He has an audience for his latest tricks who are on call 24 hours a day and are extremely generous with their praise, as well as with cuddles and carries. For my part, I'm being spoiled with baby sitting and being told not to lift a finger around the house.



That old 'I went to Target for baby things and also left with things for me' scenario.





It wouldn't do for me to just sit around wasting all this newfound free time, would it? Which is how I found myself shopping for myself at a rate close to how it was back in 2011. I managed to leave Target with a faux fur gilet several sizes too big on Saturday. Depite trying it on (in the middle of ladies acessories, It was one of those wrong hanger situations where I just assumed the size of the garment based on what its hanger stated. The drapiness and extra length were actually just what I was looking for and it was reduced to $47 dollars so it was a happy mistake.

Country Road is another store spreading the 30% off love.
They're currently applying the offer to knitwear and I bought this knit poncho. I tried it on over a double denim chambray shirt and skinny jeans outfit and as dreadful as it may sound, it actually worked in a retro ranch kind of way. Maybe not one of this season's key trends but it's a look I will make my own this winter.



  1. A Farmer's WifeMay 7, 2013 at 7:41 PM

    So glad all is well and you are shopping up a storm. If I was in Perth I would try and grab a coffee with you - alas am stuck farmside for quite some time!

  2. I'll be adding this Kiehl's cleanser to my 'must buy' list

  3. Shame. Will let you know when I'm next in town.

    SSG xxx

  4. I'm really happy with it, hope you have success with it too!

    SSG xxx


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