May 19, 2013

And Then There Were Cronuts.....

I don't know where I'd be without my daily fix of the Mail Online. Whether it's celebrity gossip, the low down on retail trends in the UK or even.... major world news (listed in order of priority, of course) - you can count on the Mail to tell it like how they think it should be.

The highlight of today's issue would have to be these visions of butter pastry and cream. Trademarked already, cronuts are taking New York City by storm. You can get the low down here.

A hybrid doughnut / croissant, cronuts consist of layers of croissant like pastry shaped into a donut, fried and then filled with layers of vanilla cream. The finishing touch is a dusting of rose petals. It's only a matter if the before we see a version of these in Australia, I reckon. Or else, I've just found the perfect reason to head back to New York.




In baking adventures on domestic soil, my rediscovery of retrotastic cooking appliances in my mum's kitchen continues. I dusted off mum's Kenwood mixer from the seventies yesterday. It's onto it's second motor but is still a demon at creaming sugar with butter. It's funny how present day KitchenAid mixers look more old school than this Kenwood model. Perhaps its because baking these days is a pursuit we tend to associate with the 'simpler', more certain times of the past and appliance designers see fit to perpetuate this notion.


Is this limited edition tomato and sweet chilli sauce the best thing since sliced bread (but before cronuts)? Quite possibly. I'll have to stock up when I get back to Sydney.



There is a little bit of Paris in Perth, after all. The search for today's mid morning skinny cap took me to the other end of the suburb where I found Barrett's Bakery, another one of those local institutions from my pre Sydney life. Famed for their bread, I did what the French often do and got myself a freshly baked baguette to take home for lunch.

Fellow Offspring fans, our moment has come. Season four starts on Channel Ten this week. My plan is to hoard the next few episodes on my iQ and have a marathon session of back to back episodes on one of those cold and wet wintry Sundays I know are coming our way. So I guess I'll be giving Twitter a wide berth in case I read a spoiler by mistake.



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  1. Cronuts....yarm.

    I am hanging out for offspring. I have pencilled in a date with my lady friend.
    Hope you are feeling nice and relaxed.


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