Jun 4, 2013

A Little Bit Of Bosch Inspired Carven. More Avocado Baking.


We start today's post with a brief reprieve from my baked goods and dessert making frenzy.

Victoria showed off her toned legs in a skirt with a white blouse as she carried her adorable daughter through the airport

I was reading / scrolling though images this morning over at The Mail Online when I happened upon their latest Victoria and Harper Beckham photo essay. Aren't they an adorable pair? I've got fashion envy of them both. Harper's flats look suspiciously like the Chloe pair I almost tried on at DJs and Victoria's skirt is my kind of print. It's by Carven and inspired by a work by Renaissance artist Bosch. For now, I'm just going to have to be content with the fact that the only Bosch I have any need for is my trusty front loader but come my return to work later this year, I'll be searching Zara for a real way interpretation of this skirt.


That was only brief respite from my baking adventures because I have news to share with you.



I've used up my last over ripe avocado! I turned it into a marble cake using this recipe. To add to the challenge of baking without butter, this was the first time I'd used evaporated milk in a cake.


The evaporated milk came in handy for my cup of tea as well. We'd run out of fresh milk and it was the canned stuff or nothing in my chai. It actually didn't taste too bad at all. I felt very Famous Five improvising like I did. George and company were forever packing hampers of non perishables for their overnight cycling expeditions and canned milk and chocolate bars were often the first things to be tucked away into a bicycle basket, along with Timmy the dog.


This recipe was a little different to the chocolate avocado cake I baked earlier because eggs and milk were used. Quite a bit of both actually.



The recipe makes quite a large cake.




My cake actually exploded from the confines of my cake tin and mini cakes found themselves baking on the racks of the oven. It looked a bit like a cake volcano. So I didn't hold much hope for the batter remaining in the tin. Fortunately, the cake baked as it should. It's very moist with a coarser crumb than straight vegan avocado cakes. It's also very sweet. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of vegan baking. Many recipes turn out too sweet and have a texture that's more slithery than their butter kissed cousins. I'm satisfied to have completed my avocado challenge but it's back to butter for my next baking project, I think.



  1. you know, i was just eating my arnotts milk coffee biscuits and wishing I was eating that cake.

  2. That skirt is amazing & if you do see a high street copy, please let me know!


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