Jun 8, 2013

A Return to Core Values, From the Feet Up.


I think it's about time that I took this blog back to its core values.



I was looking back at the ssgblogger Instagram feed (which is a de facto index to my blog) the other night and the most recent 20 images were all food or baby based. Nothing wrong with that but it does get a bit monotonous for everyone. Especially if I'm not exactly ground breaking in either area.


Which is why, with the skies looking so grey this morning and the papers being so full of adverts for the winter sales, I dragged myself off to my local David Jones. The one that's co anchor tenant at the shopping centre containing Perth's ritziest Coles supermarket (so ritzy it has its own Saturday sausage sizzle out the front of the fruit and veg area). My logic being that some of the posts that have been most fun to write for the blog owe much to the legendary discounting that David Jones does in Ladies Designer come sale time.



Readers, David Jones delivered yet again. Isn't this sales notice what sales are meant to be about? They make my pulse quicken and my brain do the kind of maths that tells my credit card it's 'two for the price of one' time. Tell me I'm not the only one whose brain works this way.



One of the nice things about shopping out west is that the crowd was rather sedate and because the store is relatively small, it was easy to get a staff member's attention. There was still a good range of sizes and styles available five days into the sale which wouldn't happen In Sydney.



As tempting as the heels looked, the pram and its temporarily still passenger reminded me that I had to look elsewhere and lower my heel height if not my expectations. Would any other brands be as drastically reduced as Louboutin?


A girl can hope and have that hope realised. Which is how I ended up walking out of the store clutching a red houndstooth bag filled with the work of two houses I've not previously worn - Stuart Weitzman and Chloe. Both for half price. A serious addiction to both has been ignited today. I don't think I've ever owned flats as comfy as these from the first wear.






My apologies for interrupting the big reveal while I attend to some mothering duties. Be right back....





Equilibrium has been restored to Baby SSG's world. After some tense days of his refusal of an alternate brand of rice cereal, I managed to find his preferred one at the ritzy Coles today. Personally, I think it's the giraffe on the packet that he's most enamoured with but whatever works when you're trying to keep to your weight percentile.




And here I am again. We're fed and watered, how about you?

Where was I? Shoes. Reveal. Reveal of shoes.

First up are these soft gold Fango flats by Chloe. I'm pretty sure young Harper Beckham owns a pair in a light tan. I want them in every colour. They're so soft and somehow manage to make my wide feet look graceful in a design that usually doesn't.


I regret ignoring Stuart Weitzman for so long due to my being blinded by the hype surrounding his competitor shoe designers. These leopard print Showtunes flats are the only animal print shoes I need in my wardrobe. Except for those uggs of mine....


Not as glamorous but still on the foot theme, I've been using Neat Feat foot cream for the last few weeks and it's done wonders for my dry and painfully cracked feet. It is more lotion like than Eulactol and a little cheaper. Available at pharmacies in twin packs of 75g tubes, I paid $14 today and understand that the usual retail price is around $19.


My feet haven't seen the scraping tool of a pedicure nail spa for at least a year but Neat Feat still managed to soften the skin and allow the cracks to heal. My feet look better too. The gory photos on the box don't lie.



Hope you're having a lovely Saturday. I'm off for a walk between afternoon tea and dinner, I think.



  1. SSG, fabulous shoe purchases! Stuart Weitzman shoes are brilliant and I've always found them really comfortable. Your Chloe shoes are gorgeous xxx

  2. Those Chloe flats are superb! And S. Weitzman does make the most comfortable shoes of all in Fancyland.

  3. Doing what you do best - mothering and shopping!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Perth. I recognise that shopping centre! And yes I do like how it's smaller so you don't feel like you are constantly battling the crowds.

    Great purchases! I walked past the heels too, flats are just more practical when you have a baby.


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