Jun 22, 2013

North West News.

What were you doing on the day poor North West's birth certificate was made public?



I was at Bondi Beach absorbing its mid winter glory with my eyes, ears and pores. The waves pounded against bas of the lap pool as the wintry sunlight dappled the ocean and turned it all sorts of colours before my eyes. I felt the wind on my face, I felt it whipping my hair about and it brought an invigorating rush of blood to my face.



I couldn't have asked for a more perfect place to have my Friday morning coffee. Yes, that's a Kiehl's sticker gracing my cup. As a long time Kiehl's fan and small time blogger, it was quite surreal to find myself invited to the Kiehl's product launch at Bondi Icebergs yesterday. Lots of exciting things are happening for the brand's Australian operation in the coming months. I'll be blogging about them closer to the time so watch this space.


In the meantime, this is what I wore.


You can't go wrong with a cozy knit, skinny jeans and heeled boots at this time of the year.


You know how I don't get out much these days so excuse me while I post three photos of my outfit where one would probably have been sufficient.


That's an action shot of my right hand and most of my lap enjoying the winter sun.

What else have I been up to? I'm trying to think. Thank goodness for Instagram feeds!


I boldly clashed the hippy noir print of my Cotton On skinny jeans with that of my coffee cup on Tuesday.

Source: Offspring Facebook page


Perhaps white cheesecloth and a body waved perm are coming up in my fashion future sooner than I thought. What are your thoughts on Offspring this year? Is it getting too random and trying too hard in the pursuit of comedic gold? I'm planning to watch next week's episode with the volume turned off and provide my own plot. If it's any good how about I YouTube it and post a link here?




Over at the gym, I've found myself in the grip of a bad case of rowing machine boredom. Which has lead me to have a go with the skipping rope. I'm getting there, only tripping up after every 27 skips now (I double skip with both feet as opposed to doing one footed 'running' skips by the way) and I haven't face planted yet.

In the household goods arena, just when you thought it couldn't get any more exciting than glass bottomed Decor food storers, look at what Costco is practically giving away! Three tubes of Colgate Optic White for $16. That's pretty much buy two and get a third free.
All this talk of North West is making me crave an episode of a Kardashian reality series. I off to see what's on offer on Foxtel.
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday,


  1. Ooh I love Kiehls. I can't wait to hear what they have been up to! That photo of Bondi is amazing!

  2. Gota love cost co!! How nice is that knit your wearing!
    hope you do a post re: kiehls event :)
    Rebecca x

  3. Such a nice outfit! Love the knit top and your accessories :)

    Bondi looks so pretty too - hope you had lots of fun at the event :)

    Away From Blue

  4. I think Nina is a bit OTT this year, the blokes are steaing the show.
    Would love to see your offspring plot.

    Greetings from Gangnam,
    Cilla xx


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