Jun 19, 2013

Meet My Swallow Scarf Ring. Sick Bed Blogging.

It looks like we're officially in the middle of the inaugural SSG Manor family flu.



I'm chain sucking butter menthols and finding creative ways of upping my citrus intake whilst tag teaming with Mr SSG as we give Baby SSG non stop cuddles and hugs (he's been so miserable that my usual cabaret performance of the Muppet theme song hasn't even raised a smile all day).






Things seem to be improving just now. Our GP has started Baby SSG on antibiotics (and probiotics in the shape of this nifty squeeze pack yoghurt) and the grizzles occasionally give way to those chirpy giggles we know and love.




There is an up side to the three of us being cooped up indoors together, though. Being on our collective sick beds has given us the freedom to relax our daily routine and drift for a bit. Doing only whatever needs to be done. Which, for me, involves opening parcels. Bet you didn't see that coming.




A few weeks ago, Nikki from Scarf Ring, contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying a scarf ring from her online boutique's latest collection. Scarf Ring use materials such as sterling silver, gold plate and snake skin in their pieces. Each scarf ring is hand crafted in New Zealand.


Nikki and Amy have just about everything covered in the scarf department on their website. In addition to stocking a wide range of unique and beautiful scarf rings, they also sell vintage scarves and rings online as well. The website is also a great resource for scarf wearing tips as well as featuring an archive of Hermes scarf rings.





It was so hard choose but I finally decided on the Swallow scarf ring. Inspired by Matisse, it's a simple design available in sterling silver (£130) or gold plate (POA). The diameter of the ring is 2cm and it will fit medium to large scarves.



Doesn't the design just say summer? It's simple, modern and is a fabulous contrast to the more conservative patterns found on many scarves these days. In honour of it being Nina Proudman Wednesday, I'm also thinking it's the style of scarf ring that Nina would choose. I've paired my Swallow ring with the scarf I picked up from the Marni & H+M collection from last year. I've finally found the perfect ring for that scarf. Summer, I'm ready for you already.



My other feelgood news for today is my order from T2.





Actually, it's more of a care package. Included with my standard order tins of tea were these loose leaf samples and two mesh ball diffusers. All beautifully gift wrapped. Just because.




And on that note, I'm off to make a large mug of tea and to provide ongoing cuddles and hugs as needed. Take care and don't forget your vitamin C!




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  1. Hope you all feel better soon! :)

    that scarf ring is so pretty :)


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