Jun 17, 2013

Home. A Celebratory Moscato Giveaway.

Well, hello!

I think it's about time this blog hosted another giveaway. Bimbadgen Winery in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales have just released a fabulous new moscato and they're giving one lucky reader the chance to win 3 bottles. More details about how to enter will be at the end of this post. In the meantime, I'm kicking back with a glass myself as i debrief after a hectic first weekend back home in Sydney. How's this for a win win blog post? I get all of that and you get the chance to win the moscato?

It's so good to be home. I'm not exactly the most relaxed person when it comes to flying solo with a baby but both the ground and flight crew at QANTAS were absolutely wonderful. They were all so helpful and friendly as were my fellow passengers. I can also say with certainty that the best coffee at Perth airport can be found at the QANTAS business lounge. That and the old school Arnott's raspberry shortcake biscuits almost made up for the bar area being closed on a Friday afternoon.

As much as I loved our time in Perth, there's no place like home. It's the trivial things that define home for me. Walking on the floorboards in bed socks and setting off the creaky bits precisely where you knew they would be. Arranging yourself across the sofa and coffee table (because I am nothing but classy when I think no one's looking) to get that perfect stretch in your lower back and calves. That fancy kettle that boils water at the speed of light.

Not to mention the things that tell you you're definitely not in Perth anymore. Hand roll sized (rather than the bite sized slices) sushi as standard at your local Japanese takeaway and sub $4 large coffees at your go to cafe up the road.

Niceties aside, coming home after an extended period away means backlogs of everything. The laundry, the post, packages .... with the promise of a drink or two when the worst of the chores have been dealt with.

Now might be a good time to tell you about the moscato, actually. Bimbadgen have made their moscato with fruit from Rutherglen, Victoria. There are floral, candy and musk notes in the palate. The musk helps prevent this moscato from being overly sweet. I won't even pretend to dazzle you with official wine appreciation language but I love this moscato. It's smooth, well balanced and very refreshing. I'm also very appreciative of its 6% alcohol content. All the excitement of drinking bubbles but minus the headache and dehydration the morning after.
The recommended retail price per bottle is $18 and piccolo sized bottles are also available at $6.50 each.

I spent a very civilised afternoon in the company of my moscato. We did a mountain of personal admin together. Bills. They're so complicated these days. To even find out if you've done direct debit or not requires you to read the fine print on the front page at least three times. I nearly paid a few bills twice.

Before tackling the feat of engineering that was trying to convert Baby SSG's pram from bassinet to stroller. We got there together. I still can't believe Baby SSG is growing up so quickly.

I think that we've hit the upper limit of rambling from me for one post just there. I'd better tell you all about the competition.

Best of luck and thanks once again to Bimbadgen Wines for their generosity in sponsoring this giveaway.

For your chance to win:
  1. Follow me on the blog, twitter (@sydneyshopgirl) or instagram (ssgblogger)
  2. Email me at sydneyshopgirl@hotmail.com with your name and postal address (no PO boxes for this prize)
  3. Please let me know uour follower name for publication in my blog post where I announce the winner
  4. Entries open today and close on Friday June 28 2013
  5. Entries are open to Australian residents only
  6. The prize of three bottles of Bimbadgen moscato (total value of $54) will be sent to the winner directly from the winery.


  1. Did it occur to you that the bill paying might be complicated *because* of the Moscato? :-) I did it once; couch sprawling with the bills, the laptop and wine. I *did* pay some bills twice and others into wrong accounts. Groan.

    1. Minerva
      Good point. The bills got more challenging as the bottle got emptier...

      SSG xxx

  2. Yay for making it back to Sydney.
    And bite sized sushi pieces?! How strange... I'm so entering this. LOL


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