Jun 12, 2013

Much More Than A Holiday.

All good things must come to an end.



The sun is setting on our time as Perth Shop Girl and Baby.
We've been in Perth for nearly two months and it has been so much more than a holiday to me. It's been a chance to reconnect on a deep level with the city that was the backdrop to so many pivotal moments in my life that I'm convinced that when I left for Sydney, a little bit of Perth got stuck in my heart.
How else can I explain the fact that while my eyes see the new glamour and my ears hear the louder hum of bigger crowds on the streets my mind finds itself drifting back to how things were all those years ago. I feel a sense of completeness in being able to experience the present in this beautiful city in the context of a past that is uniquely mine.



It's not just been about the places here in Perth but also the people. The most special moments of my weeks here have been the catch ups with friends and family. The past we share created a kind of unspoken shorthand as we chatted away about our lives now, the similarities, the differences and how we're all the same but different.



Is been incredibly self indulgent to even have the time to think the thoughts that inspired the beginning of this post. Holidays, even with a baby in tow, do that to you. I have somehow managed to find some of that time I keep losing in Sydney. Grandparents have jumped at every possible opportunity to baby sit or to simply carry the baby for a few minutes. It's all helped make light work of mundane things like doing the laundry and getting bottles of formula ready.

The days still speed by but I'm finding it possible to do a little more with them.
Hitting the gym a few times a week and going for a run on the weekends are things I'm glad I've committed to whilst on holiday here.
There's been way too much good food going on in my social life here. Way too much.
Baking has been a hobby that has returned to my life with a vengeance over the last few weeks. I've rediscovered the simple joy to be had from creaming butter with sugar and watching the nursery yellow result turn into a more grown up soft beige as the flour gets added by the spoonful. The results haven't always looked pretty but they've tasted much better than they've looked. Especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
I've had time to read all manner of books and things online whilst lounging on these super comfy recliners. The ugg boots of the chair world, they are.
So it's goodbye to views like this on Friday.
And a day of packing tomorrow. Everything that I packed in Sydney now has to go back into these bags give or take a few things I've picked up here.
The thought of packing is already doing my head in. Perhaps I should watch this week's Offspring while I'm packing....



  1. Nearly two months!!!
    I bet Mr. SSG missed baby!
    Safe trip home. :D

  2. How did the baby go with the flight? Perth to Sydney is no picnic

  3. Sounds amazing.. Looks like you had a great time!


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