Jun 26, 2013

My Beautiful Laundrette.


When it's been raining as hard and as continuously as it has been in Sydney this week, you just have to find your rainbows where you can.


With nothing to look at but grey skies and footpaths slick with rain, the colours if this gum all dispenser made my day at the end of an emergency supermarket dash.
I've also officially made peace with the rain and we've agreed to stay out of each other's paths. I'm holding up my end of the bargain by ferrying loads of washing down to my local laundrette where their industrial strength tumble dryer made short work of my things and left them toasty warm to touch for hours afterwards.
It was actually organised chaos at the laundrette. Everyone in the neighbourhood seemed to be in a similar predicament to me and baskets of washing lined the entire floor of the shop. Washers and dryers were whirring non stop and the air was warm with a pleasant moisture from freshly laundered clothes with a hint of that manufactured 'fresh' fragrance of laundry powder. Next to bakeries, laundrettes are my wet weather happy place.
No real relevance to the post except that I was struck by the contrast in colours of the mandarin segments against the wet bitumen.


All this carry on about the rain in winter (whom would have thought?), I know I'm hard work in winter. It's just that I get cabin fever when it rains day after day. I feel as if my wings have been clipped. Having all the windows open as wide as they'll go isn't enough for me. At the merest suggestion of a break in the weather, I'm out the front door. Even if I only make if a few metres before getting rained on. It's better than no outdoor time at all. I've felt 'outside' on my face and that's all that matters.



With my dependence on getting fresh air, it's a bit ironic that I'm generally a Scrooge in the outdoor apparel department. I but the bullet this week and swapped my Big W cheapies with their frequently jamming zippers and their minimal protection against the real cold and got myself this Columbia jacket from Costco ($44.95). It's like walking around in a sleeping bag it's so comfortable and warm. Mr SSG swears by his which is what inspired me to tae the plunge myself. We're in danger of being one of those matchy matchy adventure clothing wearing couples. I suspect Baby SSG gets confused when both his parents wear their matching jackets.
In other exciting news from Costco, the Pantene fairy has heard my prayers and delivered with this 1.2 litre pump pack of Aqua Light shampoo.



Aqua Light is right up there with Schwarzkopf's new Ultimate Colour in good things for my hair that come from supermarket shelves and that also don't make me feel as bad about not having graced a hair salon in months. Ultimate Colour is a cinch to use and mousse has a consistency that's easier to work with than other brands I've tried. It's super quick to use as well. No pre mixing required. There's also enough in a pack to do a quick touch up at a later date so no wastage of product when compared with more traditional forms of hair colorant. I'm very happy with the richness and shine of the resultant colour. Which is black (surprise, surprise....) for me.



Well, with that earth shattering hair care revelation, I'd best let you get on with your Origin preparations or let you open a new browser window for the latest on Mr Rudds's latest leadership tilt. Oh, and don't forget Offspring.


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