Jun 6, 2013

Out and About.

This is a sight that never fails to get my pulse racing and a thin sheen of sweat to mist itself over my face.

No, not my haphazard parking (my neighbour in the parents with prams area parked across their space so I had to follow suit so we could both safely de pram our babies without any damage to our respective paintwork) but that piece of paper wedged in my car door. To me, bits of paper secured to bits of car always means an accident of some sort has happened. Fortunately, today's bit of paper was just an advert.
Can you believe it's Thursday already? I know this for a fact because this week's episode of Offspring just appeared on the Channel Ten website. I started watching it after lunch and am proceeding in an ad break to ad break fashion. I see myself finishing the episode around 9pm tonight. Partly because I'm trying to savour the drama for as long as I can but mainly because I'm hardcore multi tasking at the moment.
My iPad has had multiple tabs open all day. It's the winter sales. I've been tracking them all from the comfort of the sofa. In the end, there could only be one sale where I had access to a VIP sales code (thank you for sharing the love, S) and that was at Seed. For less than the price of the cardigan I saw at the weekend, I now have it and another knit coming my way in the post. I'm pretty excited, this is the first time I've bought myself clothing from the brand. I've always thought of Seed as a yummy mummy label. I think today's purchase officially makes me a wishful thinking dresser.
Anyway, I now own the following (images courtesy of www.seed.com). 

This slouch cardigan in dark grey.
And for a bit of colour, this roll neck poncho in crimson.
Easy to wear pieces that look as if they'll carry food stains with finesse. How the selection criteria for clothes change as we go through the stages of life.

Baby SSG had his first play date today. He and his friend are bonding over a Sophie the Giraffe teether. Sophie brings people together in a way few other toys do.

Meanwhile at the gym, I've finally cracked the 1750 metres in 10 minutes on the rower barrier. My trainer in Sydney will be so proud and relieved to know that I haven't just been stuffing my face whilst I've been here.

Baby SSG and I have become expert rain dodgers during our time in Perth. We've beaten the rain clouds home every day this week as we've prammed it at speed back from the shops. All that cardio on the rower is paying off.
In other news, we're less than 100 days until the next federal election. They're calling it the 100 Days of Grey...... Possibly because the next few months are going to age Prime Minister Gillard in a way nothing else could. It's dire news in the polls for Labor right now. Even more dire than usual.

Kate Middleton and Prince William arriving at Westminster Abbey
In brighter news, Kate is looking fabulous. Not long to go now. I can't wait to see the newest Royal Baby in action.


  1. I've always thought of Seed as a Yummy Mummy brand as well! I think because they also sell kids clothes.

  2. I like the cardigans/poncho type thingies. They will be cosy and practical and suitable to throw over stained t-shirts if there are baby food related mishaps (I am presuming you do OK feeding yourself most of the time!).

    Take care - how much longer are you in Perth?

  3. Loving the clothing selection criteria - I hear you :)

  4. I hear you on the nerves about notes on windscreen.....
    I quite like seed too.
    Nice duds.


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