Jun 20, 2013

Just A Bit Carried Away By My Oblong Decors.

The times, they are a changing, for you, 1.65 L Decor Tell Fresh oblong microwave containers.

Way back, when time began, you were constructed entirely of clear plastic except for your distinctive red vent hole cover. Over time, you'd buckle with the heat of a hundred portions of dinner reheated for the next day's lunch at work. Sometimes you'd turn a slightly fluorescent orangey red from the times you carried lasagna to work, other times it'd be a mustard yellow from curry. But you'd always bounce back. Especially after I learned the trick of spraying you with olive oil spray before filling you with food.
After a few years, the run ins with richly coloured food got to you and you literally turned red with indignation. You worked out and you came back stronger (and redder) than ever before. Except that your lid never could quite let go of their stickers reminding me of what you contained.



But look at you now! You've gone all glassy and just a little bit blue what's more, your bottom half is oven safe these days. For under $10 at Coles too.



Leftover pasta bake is going to taste even better with this technological advancement. And possibly also because if this fancy new blend of melting cheese I've just stated using.




When I haven't been otherwise occupied pondering the history of Decor as seen in my kitchen cupboards, I've been enjoying the way winter has changed the streets around my home. The bare, arching branches of the trees that only recently boasted golden red leaves against the sky that manages to be at once both a vivid blue and cool grey. That cool crispness to the air as it hits your face.





It's the kind of weather that requires a toasty warm house to return to. I've bitten the bullet this winter and ditched our bulky old column heaters. In their place are micathermic panel heaters. They're lighter, less bulky and more importantly, more energy efficient than their predecessors.



How do you feel about updating trusted and true things around your house? Excited or a bit wistful about the way things were?


I'd better get to bed. It's my favourite day of the week tomorrow and more adventures await.


Take care,




  1. Ooooh do you know how much more energy efficient the micathermic panel heaters are? I'd be interested to know :)


  2. Funny you should do a post about Decor, I was thinking about them during the week too. I have had a love-hate relationship with Decor over the years. I hate the way they have very slippery bases and smash to smithereens if they get dropped while frozen (and that has happened a lot as they slide out my disorganised freezer). I do love the fact that I can still find the occasional container with one of my children's coloured name labels still firmly adherent. Those labels are about 12 years old, so the old Decor containers are pretty durable as long as gravity doesn't get to them!

    1. Minerva
      I feel your pain with smashed Decor out of the freezer. I always manage to break off handles which makes it such a waste to throw the offending peace away.

      SSG xxx


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