Jun 28, 2013

Winter Wanted June Back. Parents With Prams.


Well, it was nice sitting out in that 15 minutes of sun we got in Sydney yesterday.


I got so carried away with feeling the sun in my face and hands that I might even have gone without my jacket for a moment there as well.
Winter clearly wanted June back because it was back to the rain and grey skies we know so well today. Just in time for the weekend.
Being a wet Friday at the end of a long week of wet weather, Baby SSG and I joined the other mums and bubs of Sydney at our nearest shopping centre with undercover parents with prams parking. It was just coincidence that the mid year sales were on as well.



We went to our first Target mid year toy sale together where we found this musical remote control toy. It does have an 'off' switch as well as a choice of volumes.
You're never to young to have an ironic T shirt or two in your wardrobe and these were $10 each at CottonOn Kids.
It's not all been parenting with my pram around shopping centres at SSG HQ....
I did my first yoga home practice of 2013 this morning. I know it's the end of June and the end of the financial year and all that but better late than never. I was going on the memories of my classes in Balmain and delusion of my being a Lulu Lemon standard yogi by virtue of my yoga mat. There's nothing like reality to make you lose your balance during a forward bend sequence. Unsurprisingly, the flexible person I used to twist into a pretzel doesn't exist anymore. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But I felt so relaxed and alive afterward. I'm hoping to make these short sessions a regular fixture of my week from now on.


I've also been churning out soups in my slow cooker like there's no tomorrow. I've been pre soaking Italian soup mix and adding the beans to my soups to give them thickness and a more robust flavour.



I've had another look at the weather forecast for this weekend and it's dismal with a capital D. Rain all weekend. Looks like we will all be indoors wearing our ugg boots and sipping cups of tea continuously.




  1. its sunny in Melbs!
    Nice baby tees. Baby SSG will be the coolest newbie on the block.
    You can get a tee that says "My Mum Doesn't Want Your Advice", I have heard.

  2. Love terrific toffee!


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