Jul 1, 2013

A Winner. Into the Sun.

Hellos, hello! It's the first of July, the start of a new financial year. Have you made any financial resolutions for 2013/2014? Nah, me neither. I'm waiting for my tax return to kick start my motivation. There's just the small matter of sifting through my ultra efficient filing system of last year's receipts before the tax return can happen. It might be a job best done with a glass of wine.

Speaking of wine....

Congratulations Elaine! You're the winner of my Bimbadgen Wines Moscato giveaway. They will be in touch with you soon, Elaine to organise delivery of your prize. Enjoy!

Any day that involves receiving a Kiehl's online order is a good one. I love the potpourri today's parcel came packed with.

With it being a new month and all, it seemed like the perfect time to be starting a new BB cream. I've just finished the Revitalift one by L'Oreal that comes in a red pump pack. Kiehl's version costs $36 for 30 ml whilst L'Oreal's is $39.95 for 50 ml. The reason I've made the switch to Kiehl's is the fact that it has a very high SPF of 30. I'll update the blog when I've given the Kiehl's a good trial.

Are you as excited as I am that the sun has finally come out in Sydney? Everything looks so beautiful under its ultraviolet rays. We've literally been living life in fifty shades of grey for a fortnight and seeing the pinks and greens in my garden today really lifted my spirits.

Though I was a bit sad to be picking up my last load of washing from the laundrette today. The boss and I had a lovely banter going on each morning when I dropped by to swap my laundry baskets with her.

I guess the return of the sun means that the time has come for me to wean myself off this guilty pleasure of mine.....

Is it even possible to live in a Kardashian free world? That's probably a question too big to even attempt to answer on a Monday so I'll just leave it hanging there in the breeze.


I know that there's much to criticise in the way the Kardashians lead their lives and I'm old enough to know that being a Kardashian isn't the most worthy life goal to aspire to but I do have a soft spot for the girls and their parents. I'm especially taken by the Miami series these days because since becoming a mother myself I find myself relating to Kourtney's ups and downs as she juggles breast feeding, her relationship and her own needs. I hear myself sometimes as she counsels her child free sisters.

Okay, it is a pretty warped gold standard, but relative to the average reality TV couple, Scott and Kourtney are as close to normal as it gets. Or at least, as close to real as the producers allow us to get with regard to what footage of the pair is chosen for the final edit of each episode. Scott's unfiltered quips about fatherhood and coupledom often make me spout mouthfuls of tea over my iPad (and track pants and ugg boots.... the glamour of motherhood...).


Dear Kardashians and Disick, whatever you may or may not be responsible for according to the rest of the world, thank you for the laughs and occasional glimpses of glitz and glamour that you bring to my lounge room in the wee hours of the morning.

In more serious viewing, are you watching ABC's Time Of Our Lives?


Again, it's television I'm strongly identifying with at the moment. The lives of men and women in their thirties and forties as they juggle partners, kids, parents, jobs and their own needs against the backdrop of inner city Melbourne. Aside from the intelligent dialogue and very real portrayal of what 'family' means in 2013, I'm enjoying the fact that this series has brought Justine Clarke back to the small screen. She's one of my favourite Australian actresses.

Well, that sun outside is proving too hard to resist! I'm off to catch some rays.

Take care,


  1. Might have to check the show out, other than Offspring there is nothing I have watched religiously.
    I bought some BB cream in Korea. I will post and review all my purchases in Asia.
    Re: the Kardashians - whatever gets you through, darls :D x

  2. I still have a sample of the BB cream to try. Just no time nowadays...

    I am liking The time of our lives but I have to admit, with the exception of Kenny and Justine - most characters are fairly unlikeable... I love how Claudia Karvan encapsulates the very essence of a prickly woman.

    K xx

    1. I'm building empathy for Claudia's character as the series progresses.

      SSG xxx

  3. I also partake in a little Kardashian indulgence. Initially didn't care for Scot, but he's now one of my favourites. I recently cut back my Foxtel package back to the 'Essential package'. So happy that Arena (home of the housewives) and MTV (Kardashians) fall into the essential viewing package!!!

    1. I agree, Scott is growing on me as well.

      SSG xxx

  4. I can't wait to hear what you think about the Kiehl's BB Cream!
    And I don't watch Kardashians, I rather watch a bunch of mob associated women tear each other's hair out.

    1. I haven't yet discovered the joys of the mob wives.... It's the accents. Can't understand them.

      SSG xxx


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