Jul 17, 2013

Extreme Saloning At Home.

Did you have the pleasure of feeling the sun on your bare forearms today? It's amazing how little things like that can set you up for a great day.
My mum's flying in from Perth to stay with us today. She's been counting down the days and perfecting the song and dance routines Baby SSG loves seeing her perform. To celebrate her stay and all those cups of tea we'll be sharing, I found these mugs at Coles featuring her favourite shade of purple.
'Salon results at home' may well be advertising jargon but for me, any phrase that associates salons will do nicely at the moment. Hair appointments are fraught with complicating factors these days. I can never tell how a given day will pan out when making an appointment. Leaving the house alone is no mean feat and is almost as complicated as taking Baby SSG with me. And then there's the time factor. I can't help but think about how much I could squeeze into the time I'd otherwise be spending sitting under various hair styling machines with a cup of coffee. Oh man, the memories of those hours browsing magazines and not thinking about or doing anything much at all. And to think I got bored and restless waiting for my hair to be fully 'processed'.....
But onwards and upwards. The planets aligned for me this morning and I found myself with a couple of relatively free hours with which to salon myself at home.
I still have nothing but love for that Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour mousse. I used the second half today, expecting to only have enough left for my roots. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was more than enough remaining for a full application on my thick, shoulder length hair. So it does work out to be pretty good value at $25.
Treatment wise, I'm a long time lover and repurchaser of Pantene's products. There's an intensive rinse off version in the bigger single dose tubes and the leave on split end one in a 5ml tube. Both of these went on after I rinsed out the colour.
So with my hair sorted in half an hour, I had time to spare for a quick facial using my favourite Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peels. They're handy wipes that I'm sure I've discussed here previously. The ones that make my face impossibly smooth. Well, I'm still loving and using after all of these years....
The spa theme continued with my Ayurituel Energy Ginger and Indian Sandalwood shower gel. The amount of territory I've covered in the time it would normally take to just get my hair done at the salon. Plus, the shower screen got sneakily cleaned while I was waiting the obligatory three minutes for my conditioning treatment to do its thing.
Do you home salon?

So here I am. Waiting for my Next Direct order to be delivered (before 9.30pm tonight) after a morning of speed saloning. I'm so impressed with Next's efficiency that their text message today got me started browsing their site again.


And look what I found ... the Amy Childs collection! This is the Lizzie body con dress. I was so tempted to buy it - the neck line is perfect for me and there's nothing like a new dress to keep you motivated at the gym. Unfortunately, Next has sold out of my size. But I'll be stalking the site for new Amy. I know I'm probably pushing it age wise to be wearing her stuff but you can't help but channel a bit of Amy when you're wearing one of her dresses and that can't be a bad thing!

Okay, I'm off. Have a lovely evening!



  1. I do home beauty treatments but not so much hair treatments. And I love the sunshine! :D I'm studiously ignoring the forecast for the weekend though :(

  2. OMG i love that dress! I don't do hair treatments at home as I am lazy. Heck I have also been slacking off on the masks!


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