Jul 31, 2013

Gated Communities. Guerlain Again.

With a title like that, I'm thinking that you were hoping that my post today would be all about my favourite Real Housewives and their gated community in Orange County.


The OC Housewives will always have a soft spot in my heart.  I first 'met' them in the snow, many moons ago when we were on a skiing holiday in Aspen.  My mornings would begin with drip coffee in our chalet, a couple of slices of super sweet American bread and a spot of reality television before hitting the slopes.  The ladies were my little hit of surgically enhanced summer as I shimmied myself into my thermals and ski gear before braving the beginner's slopes of Buttermilk.

Fast forward to winter 2013 in Sydney and this is what gated community living means to me now.  Baby SSG has spent the last couple of weeks speeding through rolling, commando crawling and what looks like the beginnings of a real crawl.  He's been reaching top speeds that out pace me and he's got a knack for discovering parts of the lounge room I haven't quite gotten around to baby proofing or dusting properly....

I'm quite proud of how the gate looks, actually.  Mr SSG and I cobbled it together ourselves and I eased it into place and cranked the pressure mounted side fittings to get that a perfect seal within the doorway.  I normally end up with uneven edges and screws whenever I attempt DIY furniture and I'm glad to have finally broken the curse.

With the house effectively split in two, we've all had to plan our trips through the house to minimise having to negotiate the gate without a free hand whilst coaxing Baby SSG away from the entrance.  Fun times.

Baby SSG's wardrobe has followed in the footsteps of his mother's and broken it's banks in his current set of drawers.  I've solved the problem with this handy post box storage unit from Mocka.  The post box is made of a sturdy plastic and no assembly is required.  The design is based on Italian designer Anna Castelli Ferrieri's for Kartell in 1969.  I know there's passionate views out there about replica furniture but I like this post box objectively for its looks and functionality, not the name behind its design.  As an aside, Mocka are an Australian business and incredibly efficient with filling and despatching orders.  Highly recommended.

I've done it again, fallen in love with another Guerlain product.  They make fantastic lip glosses but it's taken me all this time to get around to trying their iconic Meteorites.  The packaging hints at the glamour of dressing tables in decades past whilst the balls of powder have this intoxicating rose based scent.

I have the beige colour which I understand is intended for darker skin tones.  I'm using it as a finishing powder rather than a highlighter.  Guerlain promised radiance with these magical little balls and I reckon they've definitely delivered.  I was afraid I would look a little chalky given how light the colours of the powder are but it blended in nicely with my skin tone.  The finish wasn't frosty or too shimmery. A gentle glow would be my description.  I hear that there's a special brush that was designed to be used with Meteorites.  I think I'm going to have to investigate.

It's been a week of doing already.  I've attacked the pile of paperwork that's been gathering dust on the study desk.  I've made a start on my tax return and that mountain of photos I got printed through Harvey Norman arrived the other day.  The baby album and book are finally up to date.

I'm on a roll.  I'd better find more things to do.

Have a lovely day!


  1. I am sure you will have heard of the hygiene hypothesis.
    Hence not dusting and baby eating dirt = good for him!

    that will be the excuse I will use, anyway.

  2. Crawling! OMG he's growing up fast x

  3. SSG, I laughed out loud with the gated community comment. Baby SSG is growing so fast! I haven't really watched much of the Housewives but will give it a go next time on Arena. At the moment I am loving Kardashians, Guiliana & Bill and Made in Chelsea...slight addiction going on x

  4. wow you've been up to heaps! You've really gotten this Yummy Mummy thing down pat by now haven't you? :)


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