Jul 28, 2013

Mini Mag Lights. Metallic Sunday.

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?

I started mine with a bit of an after hours adventure on Friday night. The streets of our suburb get pretty dark early in the evening during winter and the footpaths also have some notoriously uneven stretches. Friday was also the day the women's magazines had raced their Prince George issues to the news stands. An emergency trek to the shops after the gym was clearly indicated but what if I tripped over a pot hole in the process, never to be heard of again?
It was a job for my trusty pocket Mag light torch. Together we navigated the treacherous footpaths and got ourselves safely home with an issue of New Idea that contained 30 pages of photos I'd previously seen online but hey, at least the words were different. That little torch of mine is going to be a handbag staple for the rest of my life, I think.
Skinny jeans - Cotton On, flats - Chloe, floor - Oliver Brown, home of the best dark chocolate mochas.
Fast forward to Sunday which had a bit of metallic theme to it. I dressed up for yum cha in those ridiculously discounted gold Chloe flats from Perth.


And rediscovered one of my favourite MAC lipsticks - O.
This is a swatch I found online. It's a hard colour to describe but it has this iridescent, metallic finish to it that glimmers bronze or plum depending on what you're wearing. On Sunday, it glimmered plum and I swear it added a touch of glam to my face that my usual sensible, nude pink lipstick never did.
The weekend's cooking featured a casual half wheel of blue vein cheese and some Panko crumbs.
But because there was a whole heap of cauliflower thrown in, it wasn't such a sinful blue cheese pasta after all.
And there we have it, the last weekend in July done and dusted. Im looking forward to August, being my birthday month and all.





  1. Ooh!
    Glad you are enjoying the festival de la georgie.
    I luff a MAC lippy.
    I have 2 shades - rebel and house wine. Rebel is a bold lippy and is very striking.
    I might have to try the O though.

    1. House Wine! I have this too. Must go find it.

      SSG xxx

  2. Oooh those Chloe scallop flats look great on you! I contemplated them but googled and found a pic of wide feet in them and they looked awful so I passed. Not that I need ANOTHER pair of shoes.

  3. I'm not looking forward to August. August means we're closer to the new year and me going back to work. NOOOOOOOOOOOO :(

  4. Those flats are seriously gorgeous + that MAC colour looks amazing x


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