Jul 6, 2013

My Eyes In London. $10 Mascara.

It will surprise no one who reads this blog just how much of a Royal baby tragic I am. I religiously refresh twitter and the MailOnline on my iPad just in case I may have missed the avalanche of news that would accompany the birth announcement.



So I am delighted to confirm that this blog can now consider itself to have front row access to the press area outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington. My friend S lives in London and as a person who managed to be in London on the day of the Cambridge's wedding amd actively avoided every single wedding related event, she went above and beyond by putting these photos she took on my Facebook feed. She tells me now that she won't be getting me a photo of the birth announcement outside Buckingham Palace but I intend to do a deal with her. Is there an expat Aussie alive who couldresist a care package of Tim Tams and BBQ Shapes?


I had a small win for the family budget this week. Priceline's $10 Maybelline mascara sale almost took the edge off my first power bill post the July price hike. From what I can understand from my statement, I now pay three times to use less electricity than I did in the previous month. That's a whole lot of half price mascara. I'm glad I made the switch to energy saving light bulbs and heaters.

I'm really happy with Maybelline mascara. They've come a long way from their famed pink and green tubed mascara supermodels of the nineties all swore by. I like that they have a range of black shades and that they deliver length and volume to rival their beauty counter rivals for half the price. I'm a huge fan of The Falsies which comes in a magenta tube but I'm going to try this new Mega Plush version this week. Will review it on the blog in a week or two.


It's hard doing low carb and low fat in the middle of winter, isn't it? Your mind says chicken salad for lunch while your heart says pasta or a pulled pork slider. My mind won the eternal battle yesterday. I messed with my mind by squirting some avocado from a tube over my salad. It looks dodgy but it was delicious with an extra squirt of lemon on top.



Just checked today's weather for Sydney and it looks like we've got sun for the day at least. I'm off to make the most of it (getting a load of washing started and looking for coffee). Have a great weekend!



  1. SSG, I too am a Royal Baby Tragic, but I have steeled myself to accept the fact that it may not happen soon. Kate may have been as little as 6 weeks when she was admitted to hospital, and average first pregnancies are closer to 41 than 40 weeks these days. Baby Cambridge may almost be an August baby. I hope I'm wrong! :-)

  2. I am doing dry July and am missing the vino Rosso big time...
    Am looking forward to your royal baby blog post


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