Jul 14, 2013

The Waiting. Routine.

It's so easy waiting for other people's babies to arrive.

It's not you having to run around finalising purchases for the nursery. At the one point in your life where though you have all the time in the world to be deciding on things yet haven't got the energy or concentration with which to do so. In your mind you know that life as you know it will be changed forever at any moment. You know that you're meant to be resting. You also know that you're totally over waddling everywhere in the three items of clothing that still fit. Not to mention the idle daydreams of sushi, being able to roll around in bed and sitting less than bump's length from the table.

It is such an exciting time for any couple waiting for their first child to be born. And such a private time as well. As keen as I am for any news relating to Baby Cambridge, it is heartening to see that the world's press have been relatively discrete in their coverage during this period of waiting. Everything online at the moment appears to be a rehash of what's already been said and hypothesised previously.

Aside from The Waiting, the weekend has been glorious here in Sydney. Everyone I know has been out and about taking advantage of it. There's a sense of adventure in the air. My email inbox is full of announcements for the new season's fashion and it's all about colour. I'm looking forward to putting away my track pants and fleece jackets as I get ready to return to work and life with Baby SSG calms down a little. The sun has also dusted its magic on the everyday and made it that much more enjoyable. Today's coffee tasted unbelievably good as I sipped it in the sun.

Life at home is settling into a more predictable sequence of quiet times in which I can dash around and get a few things done. It's basically the housework equivalent of circuits at the gym but at least things are getting done.

Baby SSG himself is looking at the world around him with new eyes these days. The little things are a source of endless fascination. His toys do engage him for a time but it's the everyday objects away from his play area that hold his attention the longest. Remote controls, iPads, cutlery and hair (still attached to heads) - his little hands find a way to hold them and hold them hard. Interestingly, turning the pages of a cardboard book have proved to be more of a challenge than activating the more obscure functions on the iPad. It's an interesting generation we're raising at the moment. But thankfully, it's a generation that still gets a great deal of joy from simply sitting in bed with their parents and creating a playground out of the doona, the pillows and each other.

I think some of the new calm that has descended upon us relates to how well solids are going. Set meal times have helped add routine and structure to our days and dinner especially is becoming quite a social time where once it was a staggered affair of getting your food down whenever you could. It's been an interesting process for me. I'm so used to adding flavours to what I cook myself. In the world of purée and first foods though, it's about staying true to the flavour of the fruit, meat or vegetable being introduced.


  1. Hi girl.
    Thanks for stopping by, and i see things have changed around here:)
    Your blog is much easier to read now then before...keep the white background :)

    Have a great day

  2. It's so good to hear that solids are going well - that's a major hurdle for many.

    I find myself playing the waiting game a little bit too... even though I kid myself and say I'm not into the royal baby business at all. Ha! x

  3. I love that photo of bubba. I am imagining his excited squeals and gurgles.
    Soon those things he picks up will be going straight for the gob.....

  4. I'm glad I'm not Kate...expecting your first baby is scary and exciting enough. Wouldn't lke to have the world's media watching for when I go into labour. I wonder what Kate is googling.


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