Jul 21, 2013

This Year's Baked Beans. Yum Cha Paradigms Challenged.

I know what you're thinking. You know where this post is headed. It's the middle of winter and this is a photo of dry navy beans waiting to be soaked.




And this is a still life of a bacon hock and an onion with a can of tomatoes and some barbecue sauce in the background.







Why it's got to be the annual SSG slow cooker baked beans lovefest. Where I pay homage to the delicious smokey aroma emanating from my slow cooker that greet me in the morning after setting it to cook overnight.



Except that it didn't quite go to plan this year.


My bacon hock wouldn't fit into my new slow cooker.




There was no turning back though. Those baked beans had to be made. The beans were soaked, the hock unwrapped. The question was how to cook them? Baking was tempting but out of the question - that darn hock was to big for my roasting tray too. After a frantic google, I decided to start off cooking them on the stove and then slow cook for the final couple of hours after I'd taken the meat off the hock. Just to get the beans really soft.




I'm happy to report that my multiple cooking vessel technique worked. This year's beans were probably the best I've made. Not too mushy, not too salty. They were Goldilocks grade 'just right'.



After all the dramas cooking my baked beans yesterday, I decided to spend today as far away from the kitchen as possible.
I found a lane way not too far from the sun for a coffee this morning.
And then we went to yum cha for brunch. Boundaries were pushed and common practice abandoned. Does the batter redefine this sushi as yum cha?
More worryingly though, was my choice of dessert. I don't know who I am anymore. Where's the egg tarts (it's always plural for me), mango pudding and coconut jelly? It was delicious jelly though. Best eaten by spearing each cube with the decorative parasol.
It's been such a relaxing weekend. I hope yours was as well.


  1. The jelly cubes are always The Farmkids favourite bit of yum cha...! Especially when eaten with the little umbrellas.

  2. WOW! So that's how you make baked beans? I just learned something.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit


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