Aug 16, 2013

Be Right Back.

I'm in the middle of a life changing chain of events at the moment.  It's the kind of situation that has seen me take many long walks in the late winter sun, deep in thought.  I know that you know just how much of my life I've poured out into the posts of this blog but things are different this time.  The difficulties are not mine alone and hence I don't think it's my right to disclose them in such a public space.

Decisions that need to be made keep turning over in my mind, seemingly in time to the rhythm of the wind that rustles the bare branches of the trees above me.  The gentle shushing soothes me, reassures me that it will all work out in the end, whatever choice I make.  The soft sun that filters through touches my skin and gives me at least one thing in the day to enjoy and be thankful for.

With a head and heart so full right now, it stands to reason that blogging has taken a very distant back seat in my life for now.  The kind of writing I enjoy and that I think you like to read hasn't been flowing as easily as it did and should.  It would defeat the purpose of this blog if we were both forced to be here  out of habit alone.

I'm heading back to Perth for another visit tomorrow and will be away for a few weeks.  It will be time to reflect on the past, the current sombre times and to make decisions.  But above all, to be surrounded by the unconditional love and support of family. It's the kind of love that comforts, inspires, strengthens and reassures.  It's the kind of love I hope I will one day be able to give back exponentially.

I don't know when I'll be back but in the mean time, take care of yourselves and live the life you have now as fully as you can.  I will promise to do the same and may we meet back here soon.

Lots of love,

SSG xxx


  1. Hope things get easier for you soon. Take care xx

  2. Hope everything's ok for you SSG. Thinking of you and wishing you the best. Can't wait to have you back when you're ready :)


  3. So sorry to hear decisions weigh heavy. Hope you have some respite in the arms of your family and wishing you the very best

  4. Be well, SSG.

    Miss you already.

  5. Oh SSG I hope that things will work out for you...
    life is so unpredictable and often can be harsh.
    Take care,
    will miss your posts.
    (Hostess of the Humble Bungalow)

  6. SSG sending positive thoughts and prayers. You will be missed xxx

  7. Sending love and hoping things work out for the best, whatever and however that might be.

  8. Take care, SSG. I'll miss your posts and am sending good wishes and vibes your way. x

  9. Sounds serious, hope you are okay.

    Enjoy your time with family and hope to read your posts again soon :)

  10. I will miss your posts. Hope everything falls into place for you. xx

  11. Hi lovely,
    Thinking of you & hoping everything ok x
    Take plenty of time for yourself, we'll miss you x

  12. Take care SSG and best wishes to you - if you need a non-family person to talk to in Perth, I am available.


  13. Take care of yourself, take what strength you can from your family to do what needs to be done, and have faith that it will work out for the best in the end.

  14. Sending you all my best wishes and hope you are able to come to a resolution at the right time. Take care. Denise

  15. Love you lots xx
    We will all be here for you when you're ready to return.

  16. Dear SSG,
    Please be gentle on yourself and focus on what matters right here right now.
    Kate Bx

  17. Dear SSG

    I hope you are ok. I hope everything works out. You have been through so much. Take care x

  18. Thinking of you and hoping everything works out soon xx

  19. I have just read this, I truly hope you're ok. If you need to have a natter just message me on FB.

    Thinking of you and your little man.



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