Sep 23, 2013

Fine Weather, Briefly. Food Obsessives.

I don't remember ever being as obsessed (and upset) about the weather in Perth as I have been these last few weeks. I'm all for the city adopting the Melbourne approach to dressing and dining but the rain and four seasons in one day business? No thanks. Border security needs to take a firmer stance on this.

I had my weekend post all ready to go on Saturday but something happened to Blogsy in the transition to ios7 on my iPad. So I'm trying to cobble together what I wrote then with what I need to add now and hoping it makes some kind of sense. And that one day soon Blogsy will reestablish its working relationship with my iPad.

Back to the weather. It's only saving grace on Sunday was the most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen.
Which I savoured whilst eating a slab of my home made carrot cake. Some things taste even better when they've been in the fridge overnight and this is one of them.
I'm really fussy about carrot cake. The cake itself needs to contain sultanas and walnuts in addition to the carrot. I like my carrot finely grated and it has to be olive oil over butter for the batter. Goes without saying that lemon cream cheese frosting is mandatory.

You wouldn't believe Saturday was part of the same weekend. The sky was so brilliantly blue and so full of promise you didn't need to bargain with yourself to get out of bed and face the day.

It definitely wasn't the kind of day where you stayed at home subsisting on instant coffee.
But rather the kind of day to be heeding the siren call of the cafe lined streets of Subiaco.
I got to Subiaco on my maiden voyage with my Smart Rider tap and go card. It's a lovely feeling kissing the daily struggle for the correct change goodbye. And gee, how lovely are the drivers of the Subiaco Shuttle?
Our first stop was the Subiaco Markets. The fruit was the freshest I've seen in Perth and the prices a steal for this part of the country.
The markets are predominantly about fresh produce and hearty street food type meals cooked before your eyes but there were still a few of the clothing and knick knack stores that used to be the backbone of business. Clouds of incense wafted through the air as I walked past the racks of vibrantly coloured, floaty dresses and the strands of silver jangly jewelry. It was all exactly as it used to be when I was a child.
A punnet of strawberries made their way home with us in the bottom of the pram. Seriously, those people who use old prams for their weekly fruit and veg shop at the markets aren't as crazy as I thought. They're easy to manoeuvre through throngs of people and produce while the suspension makes negotiating the uneven flooring easy.  They also fit a huge amount of produce, more without the seat being occupied by a baby....
Sushi made fresh, in store at Woolies Subiaco.

After the markets, it was off to Woolworths for sushi and emergency supplies of processed cheese.

That's right, the threat of a Cheesy Pop shortage is enough to bring our household to its knees. Baby SSG lives and breathes plastic cheese. He recognises the blue print of the wrapper then moment I bring a slice of cheese anywhere near him. His eyes open wide, he flashes that toothy grin and the cooing starts. Occasionally, he'll humour me and take a few mouthfuls of whatever bright or orange purée I've whipped up for him but he generally holds out until I bring out the cheese. I'm told I'm lucky it's not pouch yoghurt he's addicted to. That's a pretty expensive habit to support.

We're a family of food obsessives. Pickled ginger is my plastic cheese. I ate about a quarter of this jar my sister in law gave me with that one tray of Woolworth's sushi. Possibly a bit excessive with the ginger but it was delicious. Thank you, Mama San. The sushi was lovely, by the way. A vast improvement on the icy cold, rock solid stuff that usually passes for supermarket sushi.

And the other thing I have to have with takeaway sushi? Sencha tea. Happy days.
That's it from me. So relieved to have gotten Blogsy to work for me again.
Nighty, night.


  1. You know, it never occurred to me that fresh food in Perth might be a bit more expensive....I suppose it would, given that most of it is grown in the east of the country!

  2. Visiting the markets is always such a lovely way to spend the weekend!

    I hope the weather continues to cooperate and get more spring like for you!

  3. The thing that disturbs me is the cheesy pop equivalent at Aldi- which is not even refrigerated.... and yes, I have some in my pantry- it's good for another year....

  4. I'm pretty excited that you are in town and blogging about Perth. The weather really sucks and it wasn't this bad last year in September. But I'm too busy on breastfeeding duty anyway so stuck indoors anyway!

    Your cakes always looks so yummy....

  5. Weather might suck but you're making me want to move to Perth.


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