Sep 19, 2013

A Witchery Find. Around Town.

This is the handbag equivalent of my Rockport wedge heels. Soft leather, goes with everything, easy to wear and best of all, I got it on sale at Witchery. It was practically free because I had Witchery dollars to redeem as well. I was pleasantly surprised at just how supple and thick the leather of this bag is. My favourite feature though is the double handle design so that I can use it as both a top handle and a shoulder bag. It's also small enough to hook over the hand break lever on the pram. An essential design element, that.
Do you remember a few years back when every Witchery bag took 'inspiration' or borrowed very heavily from the It bag of the season? What you got for the designer look you lost with the quality of the leather which was thin, stiff and wore quickly. The quality is so much better these days and I'm a huge fan of the more original designs at the moment.
Practical handbag in tow, I caught the train to town yesterday. The first time for at least a couple of years. How much would have changed, I wondered, how much would have remained the same?
Things still looked familiar from the overpass that links Perth station to Forest Chase. It was nice to see some colour and interesting shapes in the form of sculptures dotted around the CBD. It won't surprise anyone that I had no problems navigating myself through the centre's Myer after all this time. Ditto the David Jones up the road.
Incidentally, where do people go for coffee these days?


I regret not popping into Perc. Any establishment that paraphrases Lionel has for to be worth investigating.
Walking down Irwin Street, I found a bit of UWA history. I had no idea the original site of the university was so close to where the courts are now.
People often comment how bland the city centre is but if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll find quirky bars and cafes housed in oldish buildings that hint at a Perth that's not as white bread as it used to be.
The entire city is living and breathing Dockers purple this week as the team from Fremantle plays in its first ever final series. I'm a bit torn because they're going against the Sydney Swans (my adopted AFL team) at Subiaco this weekend. My actual team is West Coast who were knocked out of contention in dramatic fashion early on. Proving that the city is still blue and gold West Coast territory, I found this lamp post painted in team colours.
I'm ashamed to say that despite spending the afternoon in the CBD, I couldn't find that refurbished Print Hall place everyone's been talking about. I'm blaming the rain, construction work and distracting art installations. Never mind, I'll try to find it next time when I have a look at the new King Street. Is the eponymous cafe still there?



The big news today (aside from the fact that it's stopped raining and the wind' stopped howling) is that iOS 7 has arrived. I've updated my iPhone and it does look very pretty. Fisher Price meets Android, I guess. There's a summary of the best new features here. I'm still trying to find the new iTunes radio feature. Any ideas where it could be?




  1. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. I lived in Perth for 20 years between 1990 and 2010 and it's nice to see these lovely photos of what I think is the 'forgotten" city of Australia. Great bag too!

  2. hi ssg
    my husband had exactly the same thought re itunes radio. apparently only available in US :(

  3. Am downloading iOS 7 now... the interface looks really cool, I can't wait to discover the new features.

  4. Such lovely photos from your day out in the centre of town :)

    That bag looks lovely too - witchery do have some nice pieces :)

    Away From The Blue

  5. Hi SSG,

    Print Hall is right next to my office, it's in the Brookfield City Place complex (the BHP building).
    It has a few great places to eat around there.

    - TC

  6. I remember all those designer inspired Witchery bags back then! And they came in really funky colours as well

  7. The King Street Cafe has closed down... apparently, Miu Miu were looking to open up shop at the same site but there is a "heritage" staircase within that does not suit their "contemporary" interior theme...

  8. Next time you're in the CBD, check out my cousin's cafe on the terrace. It's called Empire Espresso, and is one or two shops further (going toward Kings Park) from the St Georges Terrace/King Street intersection. You'll find it once you pass the Flight Centre. Let him know I said he's to look after you! ;-)


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