Sep 5, 2013

Life Comes Together When the Weather Gets Better.

In the immortal words of Miss Marcia Hines.....


Now that's what I'm talking about!

We did it. Something happened between my weather whinging and your words of hope to create these endless blue skies and softly sunlit days that Perth is currently being blessed with.

It never ceases to amaze me how life seems to come together when the weather gets better. Suddenly the days become filled with endless sources of happiness and amusement.

Showing support: The Aussie beauty holds up a towel to show her support for the brand she is promoting
Lara and Cotton On. What more do I need this summer? I hope Cotton On are stocking Lara's towel for us mere mortals.


Starting with this breaking news from the Mail Online - there is to be a second season of Being Lara Bingle. I was so excited I returned from my Facebook Siberia to share the news. I'm so glad I did because a select number of my Facebook friends were just as excited as I was. Admittedly most of the love was for Nan Bingle but still.


The weather hasn't been the only thing to be kissed by spring and its promise of vivid colour. Artline's permanent ink markers have gone dayglo. What I thought were a pair of blue and red markers are in fact bright pink and bright blue. I was thinking that the cap colours looked a bit different when I pulled the packet off the hook at Woolies... I've tried both the shades out and can report that my contact lens boxes look so much prettier for having L and R written on them in bright blue and bright pink respectively.


Woolies also delivered in the tea bag stakes. Look at their wall of PG Tips!! Probably priced at a premium but nevertheless cheaper than a return flight to the UK.


Here's to endless mornings with a strong cup of tea to fortify me for whatever the rest of the day brings.

With spring well and truly in the air, I've decided that my footwear needs to lighten up accordingly. Gone are my wet weather hiking shoes and in their place are these green Supergas from ASOS's current sale. I'm wearing them with skinny jeans at the moment. I like how comfortable my Supergas have been from the first wear. No blisters and just heaps and heaps of room for my wide feet. It is excessive to already be wanting a second pair, but which colour?

Image from Superga Singapore's Facebook page.

As the weather warms up, I'll need to decide if I'm brave enough to take Alexa's lead and bare my pasty pins to the world.....


Take care and fellow Perthies, embrace this sun!


  1. Good to know you got your sun - at last! I ve got to say I m a Superga fan too - does anyone else have trouble breaking in Converse...?!! Takes me ages.
    Superga is soooo inexpensive here (Italy). Like the ASOS sale prices ALL the time. This summer they had all the brights plus silver & gold - cute. But I always, always buy navy & white...I know...boring.
    And oh for a decent 'cuppa'. Italians just don't 'get' the tea thing!!

    Michelle x

  2. That news about PG Tips has made my day!

  3. We had shorts weather yesterday. Cheered the baby and I up hugely. It's back to rain and cold again already though :(

  4. I think your PG Tips is defo @ a premium - looks like over 3 x the UK price!
    I prefer Yorkshire! Denise

  5. The arrival of spring has certainly lifted my mood too. Have a gorgeous weekend x


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