Sep 10, 2013

PM Speedos. Bachelor Food.

It's a brave new world we're in, Australia. PM Speedos (sorry, couldn't resist) is our new leader and while marriage equality and humane border protection policy will the be postponed indefinitely, there will be hopefully be good things like political stability and a better bottom line for the budget without cuts to health, education and defence spending.

In the fashion stakes, the Abbott daughters proudly wore Australian designers Toni Matacevski, Nicola Finetti, Willow as well as Manning and Cartel.

Channel Ten website

With our nation's future sorted until the next election, let's move on to other matters of national importance. Our very own franchise of The Bachelor. Twitter tells me that #thebachelorAU is train wreck viewing at its finest. Reality television that marks Australia's coming of age in the genre (only because season two of Being Lara Bingle is yet to air, mind you). Being without television, I've been watching clips on the Ten website days after everyone else and am finding it hard to resist the chiselled cheekbones, romantic cliche laden dialogue and non surgical cosmetic enhancements that fill each screenshot. How about you? In case I miss anything in future episodes, could you keep me in the loop?

All this talk of train wreck bacheloring is making me hungry. And what other food says bachelor pad more clearly than fake Parmesan that's so synthetic you can keep it forever in the pantry? It takes me back to the cheese you were given to season Chickettis. That chicken and spag bol treat you used to be able to get at Red Rooster. I'm shaking this Parmesan generously over a meat sauce I made for dinner tonight.

Keeping to the trashy bachelor food theme, I think I've unlocked the secret to the Fanta slushies at my local supermarket. There's a special kind of Fanta syrup just for slushies machines. I like how the ice is sourced locally from the Perth Ice Works.
Until next time! 


  1. How good did the Abbott girls look! Lucky for them they take after their mother! She's looking fantastic! As for The Bachelor, so far I have IQ'ed it but not brave enough to watch just yet!

  2. His daughters are quite attractive. I was really quite surprised the first time I saw them. They look nothing like their dad and are so statuesque!

  3. Fanta slushies??
    And ok like I have to admit that I have been watching The Bachelor!


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