Oct 25, 2013

Keeping Calm on a Friday. Dishwasher Brand Suggestions, Please.

The grammar's not quite there but the sentiment is.

It's been one of those days.  The kind where work has been the least of my worries.  I woke up to find that our middle aged dishwasher had shaken off its mortal drainage pipe sometime in the night leaving yesterday's dishes drowning in a pool of murky water.  Then my earliest start for work backfired when there was an half hour delay on a stretch of the M4 that usually takes me 3 minutes to drive.  More dishwashing dramas unfolded in the work kitchen when I tried to fill the handle of those sponge tipped detergent dispensers over the carpet and then didn't close the dispenser properly....  

Do you think the fact that the majority of my dramas related to the dishes suggests that I just need to stay out of the kitchen on weekday mornings and just buy breakfast on the run instead?  It's sounding very appealing. But it doesn't change the fact that I'm looking at spending this weekend looking for a new dishwasher.  I've got my eye on a Westinghouse or a Bosch but all suggestions are much appreciated.  I'm looking for something silver and with a removable cutlery basket.  The trays just frustrate me.

Given that I'm meant to aspiring to calmness and being thankful that it's Friday, I'm going to stop with the whinging and move on.

The parking gods at work have been smiling down on me.  I've got a spot in the undercover car park that's only a short hike (as opposed to trek) to the main building.


In news that is probably Prince George was christened earlier this week.  He's three months old already.  I love how babies of this age look like wise old souls.  As if they're deep in thought about the ways of the world and your attempts to engage them by cooing and cuddling them are distracting them from very important things.  Paradoxically, as they get older, they suddenly seem to discover the humorous side to life.  Toothy grins on waking after a good night's sleep and throaty chuckles every single time you play 'forehead butts'. 


The Duchess looked fabulous in her cream McQueen suit and fascinator.  I'm normally not a fan of the ruffle and the bustle together but it looks gorgeous on this jacket.  The detailing adds a bit of excitement which is just what a cream suit needs.

I wonder if Kate's post baby fitness regime involved the cross trainer?  It has to be my favourite piece of cardio equipment at the gym.  It's the only machine I use which seems to make time fly by and the increases in intensity level aren't as painful as say the treadmill or bike (ugh, it's bike day for me at the gym I think).  The only thing is, I wish that the muscle man icon on the machine was shaded in green from the neck down with extra emphasis on the abdomen.  It would save me so much workout angst as I try to bargain with myself to do fit ball crunches and planks.


  1. As lo for dishwasher. Mum loves hers and she hated her F&P dish draws that always played up so replaced it and hasn't looked back.

  2. Sorry... Bosch apparently parts are expensive to replace (going by old gig and work and being told that from repairers!)

  3. We just bought a Miele stainless steel one (nothing high-tech, we chose the base model one) and it is amazing and very quiet. The cutlery basket also pulls out which I prefer too. Loved Kate's outfit - have a good weekend xxx

  4. LOL, life would be a lot easier if the man was green from the neck down.

    1. Kacie
      Off to the gym now to see if the green man has changed colour from the neck down.

      SSG xxx

  5. Neff/Gaggenau. Chose this over Miele three times (3 house moves). Cheaper brands we had in rentals were 4 times louder... Hope you're well Suzx

  6. Hope you find a suitable dishwasher! I can't be much help with recommendations, we got a free dishwasher as part of the package when we redid our kitchen, it's IAG brand. Never heard of it before we got it, but for what it's worth it works well, haven't had any issues :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Mica
      It's all sorted. Ordered online from appliancesonline again.

      SSG xxx


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