Oct 10, 2013

Mercury Rising. Diane von F.

Are you ready, Sydney?

It's going to be the hottest October day for 156 years today and I'm going to be spending some of it poolside, in my fetching Woolies gardening slippers.

The pool at Prince Alfred Park has recently been refurbished and entry is free until early November. It's a beautiful spot tucked behind a hillock next to Central station. Gazing up at the skyline and the yellow umbrellas as I swam made it feel less like exercise and more like a casual dip. Being an inner city facility, it had that chilled out vibe you just don't get in suburbia. My fellow swimmers were all perfectly tanned and reading serious looking books from behind their retro sunglasses. They also had such superiorly styled hair that they somehow escaped the drowned rat look that is my fate after every swim.


A desk shot with a background of functionl furniture can mean only one thing on the blog. Work. I went back this week and you know what? It's actually been fun! The dramas of forgotten computer passwords and security codes have been tempered with the little things that make work an enjoyable place to be. Familiar faces, the resuscitation of long running in jokes, the coffee cart. Being part of the same old, same old but with a different perspective has made me not sweat the small stuff and instead see the bigger picture of being able to get my job done in a positive work environment.


It goes without saying that my return to work triggered a wardrobe crisis which in turn precipitated an urgent visit to my nearest David Jones. And you know how I seem to have this knack for being at the right place at the right time? Well, the Bondi Junction store conveniently had this range of Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses on sale. And then I had these gift cards I've been trying to spend. And then.....

I tried on the Jeanne Two in a black chain link pattern. It was meant to be. It's the perfect dress for work. Comfortable to wear, looks good with sensible work shoes and has such a flattering cut. I usually avoid buying wrap dresses because the wrap fronts always seem to sag as the working day wears on but not the Jeanne Two. It held itself together even under pressure.


Hasn't Bondi Junction changed? There's so many exciting store openings there.

I had a look at Pottery Barn Kids which made Halloween look so chic I just might celebrate it this year.

Pottery Barn for grown ups just made credit card finger itchy.....

Williams Sonoma next door was kitchen heaven with a rainbow of Le Creuset and Staub on sale.

There were tasting stations dotted around the store.

And a spacious teaching kitchen in addition to the demonstration area where staff were preparing food to be served to customers.

It's going to be too hot for the kitchen today, I reckon. Might be time for me to find a fridge to crawl into for the rest of the day.




  1. Love the DVF.
    Though I would not wear one for coalface clinical work - I would not want to get yuck on it.
    But that's just me.
    Melb has not managed to get it up, weather wise.

  2. What a lovely dress, glad everything is as it should be for you on your return to work. I enjoy strolling around Bondi Junction whenever I'm in Sydney, which is quite a lot as my son is at UNSW which is nearby. Have a nice day xT

  3. Love the new blog outfit but I love your new outfit more! I love wrap dresses - so forgiving, they never date and are super comfy.

    You look great. I enjoyed going back to work each time after having my kids. I got to talk to grown-ups and finish an entire cup of coffee while it was hot.

    Hope things are going well for you - you sound upbeat!


  4. Love the DVF dress. All the best with your return to work!

  5. I don't know how you could stay so calm, I'd be shrieking over the DvF (stunning on you!), Pottery Barn & Le Creuset!

  6. Love the DVF dresses! Even better they were on sale :)

    Hope you survived the crazy heat! Far too hot for spring!

  7. This blog post is giving me itchy credit card fingers ;) luckily no pottery barn in Bris yet! Love the DVF - so chic. Glad the return to work wasn't too stressful! L xx

  8. Wow you wear the DVF dress so well! I know what you mean about the sagging and I am really curious to know how DVF manages to avoid that from happening.

  9. The DVF dress looks fabulous on you. I understand the sagging thing you mention, Just wondering how the DVF dresses manages to avoid it from happening.


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