Oct 16, 2013

Milk In the Workplace. Tops For Work.

It almost makes you excited for the start of the working day, doesn't it?

When the morning sun shines at your feet just so. It makes opening the gate to the rest of the day less onerous than it otherwise might have been.



Since returning to Sydney, I've been on jacaranda watch and the trees around where I work have not disappointed.

May I tell you about the milk situation at work? It's dire. The only place where milk is plentiful is the staff c afeteria. The milk has its own special fridge at each of the tea and coffee stations. The bottles are sorted by date of expiry (earliest at the front), opened before unopened with full fat to the left and skim to the right. In my entire working life, I have never once seen a bottle of milk even one day past its expiry date in either fridge.

Every morning, a fresh tea towel is placed in front of the fridge as a subtle reminder to us all that the area is to be kept dry and tidy at all times, no excuses. There's also a sink next to the milk fridge with a laminated sign forbidding us to wash our hands in the sink. I've never quite figured that one out.....

Anyway. I should be grateful for such well maintained fridges but that walk from my office to the fridge while I'm trying to eat my 10am banana is the most painful walk of the day. We used to have access to extra milk for the staff fridges within each department but something must have gone seriously wrong with the budget because that's now disappeared. I've tried smuggling a cup of milk from the official milk fridges on my way to the office each morning. I've also bitten the bullet and bought a cup of milk from the coffee cart.

All it took was a walk through Coles to find the solution to my work place grievance. Behold this 4 carton pack of Devondale UHT milk. I love everything about it. The packaging reassures me that I'll never ever run out of milk again. The cartons are also a cheerful bright pink. Best of all, it was $5 for the 4 cartons. They now take pride of place under my desk in the office and I'll endeavour to be as meticulous about maintaining our fridge as the ladies who look after the staff cafeteria's.



While I'm making progress with sorting out critical workplace issues, should we talk about cheap and cheerful fitted tops? I have a knack of ruining white tops, no matter how much they cost so I stock up on a selection of cheapish ones each season and keep them bright with a soaking of Vanish with Napisan as they need it.



This year, Big W appears to be the only mid priced department store that is doing plain tops in a wide range of styles and colours. Their Emerson label is always a favourite with me and this year the prices seem to be even cheaper than usual. This season's short sleeved scoop and V necked tops are, wait for it.... $4 each! That's right, $4. No waiting for store wide discounts, no having to rifle through the sales rack hoping to find your size. You can go right now (or hop online) and stock up.


The current stock are a little thinner than previously but the white versions aren't transparent and they have a flattering length that sits just above the hips. Just enough to tuck in without any bits gaping around the waistband of your skirt or trousers. Those of you worried about the neck line, rest assured they're neither too low or too high. Reader L tells me that the tank top version works well for the gym.I think my work today is done.

That's two workplace dramas sorted in the one post. Over to you.

What's the milk situation like where you work?

Any other options for plain, work friendly tops?







  1. My best friend was telling me about this new brand at Emerson only 2 nights ago! Might have to check it out, what a great buy :)

  2. The staff caf with good free coffee has long gone. Those were the days....
    Where I do my PhD there is always milk for coffee.
    Where I do my clinic there is always milk but the coffee is crapola. I whinge about this no end.

    I like your ingenuity and community mindedness.

  3. It's such a beautiful time of year. So gorgeous. LOVE a good bargain tee.

  4. Our milk budget disappeared from QLD govt years ago but under the change of government we aren't even allowed filtered water!! We have to steal it from other levels in the building! Luckily my workmate has appointed himself water boy and fills up my water bottle for me so I don't have to haul my pregnant arse up and down three flights of fire stairs for a drink of cold water!!

  5. There has never been such thing as a free lunch, nor milk at EQ's govt. chalkfaces. And, most alarmingly, there is those who do buy milk and those who never seem to but frequently use it! Milk also can remain in the staff fridge for up to two school terms. Good idea re the long life, I would have to harbour that in a filing cabinet, at the back, wrapped in a disguise.

  6. We have milk in each department still thank goodness, but only the standard skim and full creams. I have often toyed with purchasing my own soy, but then have never actioned it.


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