Oct 13, 2013

Nocturnal Noodles. Shorts For All.

You haven't truly celebrated Good Food Month in Sydney until you've made the trek to Hyde Park for the weekend Night Noodle Market. The market has gone from strength to strength over the time I've lived here. More and more of the big names in Sydney's Asian food scene join the market each year and it's the favourite festival event of many in this city.

I did my civic duty last night and hit the town in park appropriate footwear. That was an interesting sentence. Anyway.

We thought we were being clever having dinner just after eight but the crowds were still swarming around the stalls. But the atmosphere made waiting relatively painless. It was the perfect night for an outdoor dinner, there was music, drinks consumed in moderation and a friendly vibe from the crowd.

I was determined that this year's visit to the market would yield a meal from Jackie M's stall. The doyenne of Malaysian food in Sydney, I've been meaning to eat at her restaurant for ages but haven't quite made it yet. I lucked out and the lady herself was actually at the wok, cooking my noodles.

As paper lanterns bobbed in the breeze above us, we took a seat and kicked back with our food and drink. The scent of food from all over South East Asia wafted around us, woks could be heard tossing and orders shouted out. It never ceases to amaze me how easily you can be transported to other parts of the world in Sydney.
Roti cenai with dhal - $8.50, chicken char kway teow - $16.50 from Jackie M's stall.
I ordered a roti cenai to share with the group as well as some char kway teow. The roti managed to stay hot and flaky despite the transit time between picking up my order and finding a place to sit. The dhal curry that accompanied it was the real deal with an authentic Malaysian curry flavour.

The char kway teow was a bit expensive but packed full of egg, chives, chicken and bean sprouts. It had a perfect slightly charred flavour from the wok.

This year, the market was held in conjunction with a couple of photography exhibitions which were part of Art and About Sydney. A gentle walk through the the park gardens where the photographs were displayed was the perfect thing to do after a big dinner.

Sydney is a city that's all about light and colour. Even at night. I took the photo above at one of the fountains at Hyde Park.

This photo was taken of other people taking photos at a mirrored installation that was also at the park for Art and About Sydney.

My days at the moment have a lovely rewind and repeat quality to them. The mornings begin with a burst of sun across brilliant blue skies and I run beneath it all on streets lined with some beautiful old buildings that hint at the history of this part of Sydney. Then I potter and do what I have to do for the day before my regular date with the pool which has become my home away from my away from home. It's a change in routine that's doing my spirits (and politically incorrect 'natural' tan) wonders.

I'm not completely divorced from reality, though. Remember my promise to do more home cooking and brown bag my work lunches? I made a start today with that old standard of mine - Japanese curry. In the slow cooker because it's too hot to be cooking over the stove. The heat is also the excuse for the microwave sachets of jasmine rice.

This sudden transition to summer weather has required me to do an urgent shop for summer clothes. Mostly for Baby SSG, mind you. I found him a couple of t shirts from Gap. They're from the aptly named Playtime Favourites range.


Oh, those Sun Kissed shorts? They're mine. It all started with those Sportsgirl running shorts. Which, incidentally, are travelling very well. Once you've bought yourself running shorts, short shorts as casual day wear don't seem so ridiculous after all. Especially in a Gap change room. I always feel so preppy, footloose and fancy free inside them. I'm seeing them with a blazer if the weather cools down again or else a t shirt and a Red Phoenix necklace if it doesn't.


Baby SSG didn't miss out. I found him matching shorts at Zara. His are a bit longer though. On account of his knees needing a bit of protection from all that crawling and exploring he does these days. My mum has discovered a new favourite food of his. The mushy middle bits of hot chips. She never allowed us to have hot chips whenwde were that young! The unfairness of it all.





  1. That night food market sounds lovely! I haven't heard of it before, but the food looks great!

    Lovely way to spend time on the weekend! :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. Even the words alone, "Night Noodles," are so wonderful.

  3. Gosh I wish these night markets would come to Bris! Some of the best food I've ever eaten was in Malaysia! Making me hungry! L xx

  4. Grandparents are there to spoil the grand kids. I am sure my parents will be feeding mine all sorts of nonsense that I will protest to. I am so looking forward to the noodle market, we are going next week!


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