Oct 6, 2013

Running Reflections. I've Missed You, Sydney.

Good morning from inner city Sydney!

Where the sun's glorious and the running equally so.

It's been a while since I've done an outdoor run completely on my own and I'd forgotten the unique joys of inner city running. With my sunglasses on and a Genius playlist as my soundtrack, I was taken back to a life before jogging strollers and stops for bottles and bit of a babble. That satisfying pound of your feet on the bitumen, the sounds of the city waking up, the people around you caught up in their own thoughts and 'to do' lists and the traffic light pauses. I've never been been able to do anything constructive whilst waiting at the lights.
No two runs are ever quite the same and the mish mash of old and new, the juxtapositions and contrasts are things this girl from the 'burbs always relishes. My run this morning took me back to those fortnights in Melbourne I used to take for study. Coming for Perth, Carlton was a different world. I'd run every morning at the park up from Lygon Street, the one with the football club. Then it was off to Starbucks. Seriously. In the heart of Melbourne's Italian quarter. 

I've learned a lot since the Melbourne days and today my post run breakfast is taking place at the cafe and bakery down the road that's also a tapas bar later in the day.

Breakfast and blogging. What more could you ask for on a Sunday morning. The triple chocolate muffin is to top up my energy levels after that run earlier on. It's tasting even more declicious than it should because it's being eaten outdoors as I watch the world go by and listen to the chatter around me. The muffin is also around 95% chocolate, 5% a muffin batter that has a beautiful cake like consistency. It's the best store bought chocolate muffin I've had in my life.
Aren't long weekend Sundays heaven?

Last night, the whole of Sydney and I went to the Fleet Review fireworks. It was a special event to celebrate the centenery of the Royal Australian Navy. It was pretty spectacular seeing seeing naval vessels illuminated by fireworks and seeing their crews salute the event. No, I didn't see Prince Harry - did you?

I crossed to the dark side and flew across on Virgin. They've had a major revamp and rebrand recently and I was a bit curious.  Their fares are also super competitive with QANTAS'.
Amenity packs on domestic flights! Love, love, love.
The one hour flight delay and slow internet in the lounge were all behind my once we boarded. These seats were very comfortable and had well thought out with storage areas in the panel in front of you. The flight crew were lovely and I've got a bit of a crush on their straight from the eighties purple and red uniforms which were worn with fierce makeup and super sleek hair.

I slept three hours straight.

And woke up in time for a 'V' skinny cap. Possibly the best coffee I've ever had in association with air travel.

In the world of accessories, I'm happy to report that I've been able to make the leap from styling coffees with my jewels to wearing them on my person.

Dress - Cotton On, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium, sunnies - Chanel.

Say hello to my new necklace from the Red Phoenix Emporium team. It was my purchase from the RPE Instagram sale that stopped the nation me from doing the housework a couple of weekends back. I'm telling you, if you weren't lucky enough to be involved, you missed out. Besides some great buys, it was a chance to make new insta friends and catch up with some old ones too.

I'm a new convert to wearing sneakers without socks.  So I don't have legs like Alexa Chung but the weather that made me do it.

It wouldn't be a back in Sydney post without a few words about the CBD. Goes without saying that I went around to Max Brenner for my usual (no need to post a photo here) and that I had sushi for lunch. I did extend myself at lunch though and had my katsu chicken sushi dusted with cornflakes.

But more importantly, look who's in town? Reebonz. The website's come to life right on my doorstep.

Well, I reckon that's all we've got time for today. I'm off to get some more sun on my pasty pins and then to figure out the trains.

Take care.


  1. Your sunnies are gorgeous! Do you know the style code at all please?

    1. Sorry for the delay!

      I'm reading from the arm of my pair.

      5141-H c.501/3F 61 15 125 3N. From the Collection Perle.

  2. Welcome back!!!!!!! Sydney's missed you!

  3. Nice to see you! You look so cute:).

  4. Oh, another one asking after your sunglasses please, do you know the style code!? They look gorgeous.


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