Oct 11, 2013

Snailovation. SBS On A Thursday Night.

Let's begin today with the glories of this time of the year.

The extra long days thanks to daylight saving mean that you can spend a weekday afternoon at the pool getting in some exercise and some incidental sun exposure that's just happened to result in a bit of a tan.
Then, as the sun sets on the first of the high thirties days of the season, you can harness the natural energy of the heat to dry off on the grass whilst you do a bit of reading (or preening and canoodling if you were one of the youngsters on the hill at Prince Alfred Park yesterday).
Yes, spring / summer is a magical time in Sydney but unfortunately there's a down side for some of us. Hay fever. Really, really bad hay fever. The kind that makes you feel and look like the Sydney snails. Officially, Snailovation is here to help us think about making our consumer lifestyles more sustainable but I think there's also a subtle reference to the snail like sluggishness that hay fever brings upon its unlucky victims.
This red snail is the exact shade of my nose and eyes at the moment.
But enough about snails and noses. Don't you love SBS on a Thursday night? It's traditionally food night and there's always a diverse selection of lovingly produced programmes on offer. The current line up includes Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Nation, Adam Liaw's travels through Japan and a bit of Heston to round things out.


I'm Madhur's newest fan. She's that chic aunt of yours who also happens to be a great cook. The one who was a bit before her time and didn't make a big deal about her feminist beliefs but instead just walked out of her front door and asserted her independence, letting her talents and skills speak for themselves.




I know the US is facing some serious financial issues over the debt ceiling and it has partially manifested as the shut down of Government services across the nation but you can always count on American pop culture to try and find solutions. The Kardashians are doing their bit for US trade figures. Did you know that Khloe, Kim and Kourtney have their own makeup range? It's available in Australia through kit stores and I stumbled upon the range at Myer on Pitt Street.



I'm fascinated by the Kardashian lashage and this range doesn't disappoint. There are false lash options designed to emulate each sister. From lash accents to full spider legs rows of lashes, there's something for everyone plus mascaras for the time poor like myself.

It's a shame I stocked up on Maybelline at Priceline's 3 for the price of 2 sale the other day otherwise I'd definitely have parted with $17.95 for The Quickie Mascara to get Kourtney's high-drama lashes.

Have you tried the Kardashian's makeup range? Are the lash products legendary enough to single handedly turn the federal debt fiasco around without the need to raise the debt ceiling? Tell me everything.




  1. I could NEVER purchase anything by the Kardashian enterprise as it would only encourage them. I think that they are a dreadful group of women.

    1. Good point, Cindy!

      Was just caught up in the moment... Kardashian lashes. They're an obsession of mine. Will have to improvise with non K products.

      SSG xxx

  2. SSG, I love SBS on Thursday nights too! Madhur Jaffrey's Ultimate Curry Bible is one of my favourite cookbooks - highly recommend x

    1. There's a Curry Bible! Must. Order.

      Thanks for the tip, F! Hope you're well.

      SSG xxx


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