Oct 12, 2013

Still Loving the Weather. Sportsgirl Revisited.

The weather can't put a (bare) foot wrong these days, can it?
The mornings manage to be both sunny and cool, perfect for outdoor running in and around Central Station. It's a bit special being able to include this glorious building on my route. I love running through the arched walkways that wrap around the station and the excitement of the travelers boarding the buses and trains is infectious.
By lunchtime, Circular Quay finds itself wrapped around jewel toned water upon which boats of all shapes, size and purpose float serenely. It's a sight I never get tired of and which always brings out my inner camera phone toting tourist. Sydney really is the emerald city, isn't it?


All this talk of sun and exercise saw me dive head first into this salad from Iku Wholefoods at the Westfield on Pitt Street. I've been guilty of daily takeaways for lunch and dinner this week and this generous portion of steamed vegetables with a scoop of brown rice and one of cous cous has put me back on track for the coming week. I'm making a solemn promise on the blog today to bring my lunch in to work everyday next week (except Friday because that's Subway or sushi day). So be sure to keep me honest! Why don't I Instagram my work lunches just to be sure?

It's been a very, very long time since I last visited a Sportsgirl. I have hazy memories of peasant blouses and Sportsgirl T shirts. And also of vintage granny dresses and combat boots.....





It could be something to do with the disturbing facts that everyone featured in the Sportsgirl magazine is both half my age and old enough to be my daughter...

But I had time on my hands today and look what's just arrived in store? A range of athletic gear. The sales assistant I spoke with tells me the collection just arrived this week and it's been selling really well. Everything is under $40 and the bottoms are easy to match black or grey. The tops are sleeveless, racer back styles which may or may not be your cup of tea. The fabrics have a substantial feel to them.
Fed up with the daily ordeal of trying to wear my Michelle Bridges Spanx like and ridiculously small for size leggings each morning, I bought these shorts from the Sportsgirl range. They're $39.95 a pair and have a draw string waist with a back pocket that zips. The fabric is light weight and they were comfy in the change room, at least. Cut wise, they're short but not Miley Cyrus short. Good move, Sportsgirl. This old woman who's way beyond your target demographic salutes you for being sensible.
I'm going to take my shorts running tomorrow. Because this sun over Sydney is forecast to continue and I'm loving it sick.
Until next time.


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  1. Gosh I haven't been to Sportsgirl in ages! Iku wholefoods looks yummy...


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