Oct 2, 2013

The Parcel Post Gods. Hotcakes.

There's only so many times you can squeeze a seemingly empty Kiehl's deluxe sample tube and be rewarded with just enough product to cover your face before your luck runs out.
I conceded defeat yesterday morning but somehow found the strength to go on. 

And it's just as well I did because look what Parcel Post brought to my front door yesterday?  Full sized replacements of my go to products plus a large sample of the thing I forgot to order.  Love your psychic talents, Kiehl's mail order team.

Baby SSG wasn't forgotten by the Parcel Post gods either.  His emergency Carter's order from Macy's arrived as well.  Carter's is my favourite children's wear brand.  The sleep suit Baby SSG is wearing was from Costco and it's survived a million washes, tumbles in the dryer and a few indignant overnight soaks in that Vanish and Napisan powder which comes in a tub with a blue lid.  You know the one, I'm sure.  The Carter's fleece is super soft and comfortable as are the cottons.  Everything also fastens with as few closures as possible - zips mostly with only a few press studs here and there.  If you're dressing your baby for a tough day of exploring, Carter's is the best.

The only problem is sourcing it in Australia.  Very few US stores ship Carter's direct to Australia.  Macy's was the only one I found and I was lucky to get everything at half price (which eased some of the sting of the shipping).  Reader S though has managed to find Carter's at DFO Homebush in Sydney.  Thanks for the heads up, S!
Can you believe it's October already?  The first double digit month of the year...  I'm trying not to think just how close Christmas and the New Year are.  Diaries for 2014 are at the newsagents, it's not as crazy as it sounds after all.  Time flying aside, October is a beautiful month.  The sun's really getting warm, the daylight hours significantly longer and there's a lifting of everyone's spirits as long days outdoors are planned and enjoyed.
Baby SSG is now nine months old and embracing the world with gusto.  With crawling down pat, the park is a place he loves to crawl around and occasionally to just sit and watch the world go by.  Next on his to do list appears to be learning to stand independently and walk.  His training regime involves daily circuits of every room in the house and no piece of furniture, however unlikely, has been left unused. 
Ice cream and jelly - introduced to Baby SSG as much for his benefit as his mother .. and grandmother's.
I'm fighting a losing battle in my attempt to include new food groups into his diet.  No matter which way I look at it, vanilla ice cream (even if it is Connoisseur) is still a dairy product like his beloved processed cheese. 
From the Aeroplane jelly website

The jelly we're trying out at the moment is from the Aeroplane Naturals range.  It definitely tastes less sweet and fake than the regular or diet versions.  It retails for around 10 cents more than regular Aeroplane jelly sachets.
A trip to our local Maccas at the weekend was the perfect time to introduce Baby SSG to one of my childhood favourites - hotcakes. I also got a half decent coffee and a bit of cake out of it too.

Hotcakes are the perfect breakfast for so many reasons.  The hotcakes themselves are an ideal finger food, forgotten pieces of hotcake are easy to pick off hair (and clothing) and the floor but most importantly - the hotcake packaging is a bonus toy!



  1. Love the new blog design.

    Also love your positivity on this here blog x

  2. Where do you order your Kiehl's from please SSG? I looked for the BB Cream when I was in Hawaii but was told it has been discontinued! Liking the new layout a lot!

    1. Oh no!

      I got mine from the Kiehl's Australia website. Also placed this order through them.

      Devastated re BB cream. It only just came out.

      SSG xxx

  3. SA at Neiman's did say it may be released again next year.

  4. Oh Baby SSG's cheeks! Even just that small glimpse, you know they're definitely squeezable!

  5. Can't believe baby L is 3/4 of a year already! Such a cute age! Denise

  6. Haha saw Carters in DFO and just had to let you know. It's in the Osh Kosh store, great range too!

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