Oct 28, 2013

4 pm Chocolate Biscuits. Sunday Evenings at Woolloomooloo.

When it hits 4pm on a Monday afternoon, there's only one kind of biscuit to be having with your cup of tea.

McVities Digestives dipped in dark chocolate. They're the perfect chocolate biscuit for the business end of the week. Tim Tams are more of a made it to Wednesday snack. As for Fridays? Who needs chocolate when you could have a glass or two of something instead?

The chocolate biscuits were in aid of a frustrating run I've had today with personal admin. Why is that bank send you cheerful friendly reminders after they've lost your credit card statement in the mail? What's wrong with a text message the day before payment is due?

 And then there was the fiasco of the CTP green slip and car rego renewal. I was all set to pay my rego online today, only to find that I had to get my green slip first and that required my car insurance policy details. NSW Roads and Maritime Services, I think the rego and green slip system needs to streamlined. Seeing as concepts like Krispy Kreme and Koko Black are making it across the country to WA, how about reciprocating with an exchange of ideas on car rego payment? In WA, all drivers need to do is pay one bill like they would a phone or electricity bill.

Enough thinking out loud. How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty spectacularly. I went put to dinner with family on Sunday night. We went to Woolloomooloo. Which I'm so proud to be able to spell now. The wharf is such a beautiful part of the world to be at sunset. It's typical Sydney with the collision of disparate elements of the city in the one breathtakingly beautiful place. To the left of me were million dollar super boats bobbing along on the jetty. Some were so large they added themselves to the sky line. Nautical photo bombing, I think you'd call it.

To the right were navy vessels. Massive structures that dominated the water for more altruistic purposes than the pleasure craft I'd just turned away from.

I wonder what it'd be like waking up every day to the panorama of water, park land, boats and city skyline. I wonder if it's enough to ease the pain of trying to complete frustrating personal admin tasks on your laptop?

We had dinner at China Doll on the wharf. A bottle of Pol Roger was shared and enjoyed.

The staff were fabulously kind and generous, treating our table to dessert to help us celebrate the engagement we were honoring.

No photos of the food, I'm afraid. It got too dark. But rest assured, it was delicious. My favourite dishes were the duck pancakes and five spice tofu. Dessert wise, the ginger panacotta was spectacular. The fireworks that ended our meal I'm sure weren't just for our table. The Opera House was celebrating its fortieth year.

Dress and necklace - Red Phoenix Emporiom, legging - Supre, bag - Louis Vuitton.
It wouldn't be a night out involving champagne without a selfie, would it? Here I am at the Radisson Blue. A very funky hotel housed in a refurbished part of the wharf.

Lip wise, it was all about the berry stain with a bit of lip pencil for staying power. I mixed it up budget wise with a Models Prefer pencil gloss (in the aptly named shade Cocktail Hour) and a Chanel lip pencil (Rouge Sienna).

And there you go. Monday is just about done. Have a lovely evening.


  1. Sigh. McVities Dark Chocolate. One of the best cookies every made.

  2. I love those bikkies too but my OB has definitely banned them!! Love seeing your RPE shift enjoying a fancy night out, the wharf looks beautiful. L xx

  3. I have a little tip for remembering how to spell woolloomooloo ; just think 'sheep toilet cow toilet' get it!? X penny

    1. That's exactly how I remember it too. You should see me going through the images as I type...

      SSG xxx


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