Nov 5, 2013

A Cup Day Windfall.

Melbourne Cup Day is always a great excuse to let your hair down a little at work. It's only fair, I think, given that most of us don't get the public holiday.  The main point of today was probably to get some kind of sweepstake organized or else to pop down to the TAB to place a bet on the horses.

I didn't even have to do any of that to get my cash windfall.  I managed to find two neatly folded 20 dollar bills in the chinos I'm wearing today.  I hope I don't owe anyone any money - the last time I wore these trousers was sometime in 2011.

Are you wearing a fascinator at your desk today?

I almost did.  There were some lovely ones at Target this year but I had visions of fascinator malfunctions occurring whilst driving to work (I turn my head with vigour everytime I need to reverse of switch lanes, can't miss those blind spots).  So I borrowed from SJP's Carrie Bradshaw style archive and wore a fabric flower instead.

This one was from Diva and I'm wearing it in my hair.  It's actually making me feel more resort rather than race day ready but that works for me.  It is so very nearly summer.

Beverage wise, we're a responsible drinking workplace.  Make that a non drinking workplace.  So today's bubbles came to me courtesy of this bottle of Coke Zero.

Which I owed myself from that terrible day when I went to Coles straight from the gym, had my hand on that last bottle of cold Coke Zero and then realized I'd left my wallet at home.

Operation 'Home Away From Home' is progressing well and nearing completion.  Yes, that's my Aldi Expressi machine in its new home under the notice board.  It's always a welcome sight after my super early starts in the morning.  Not to mention the smell of coffee filling the air as the pod starts brewing.  It's a bit like the scent of freshly baked bread wafting through the supermarket.  They're both mood lifting fragrances.

I think that little windfall I found in my pocket this morning might just be used to fund a new supply of Aldi coffee pods.  Any recommendations?  The Chai variety sounds interesting.

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  1. yay for free windfalls! Those are the best kinds of discoveries.


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