Nov 4, 2013

Book Rings. Beach Ready Babies.

Excuse me while I go nominate myself for next year's Nobel Prize in Engineering.  It's been one of those days and for every little achievement and thing to be happy about there have been at least ten other things that haven't quite gone to plan.  May it all even out in the end.


I've just figured out how to attach those new fangled car 'keys' to the rest of your actual keys. To be honest, I'm not sure if they're technically keys anymore. They're more like chunks of computer chip laden plastic that start your car. Anyway. The point is that I've broken quite a few key rings trying to keep my car key together with all my others.

The answer came to me at the local $2 store where I found packets of book rings and the rest is history. The book rings twist open and are thin enough to fit into the loop on the key and through my key ring. Without anything needing to be pried or wedged open. It's amazing how satisfying it is to solve nagging first world problems like these. I actually have a few spare book rings so if you've broken all your key rings and need some help, let me know and I can send you a ring.

Other than that, things haven't been too exciting around these parts. Not that that's going to stop me telling you about them anyway.

The impossible happened over the weekend. Yours truly drove all the way into Chinatown in Saturday morning traffic. I was guided by sat nav, it's true but sat nav only directs you, it doesn't do a thing for your nerves when you're faced with city traffic and pedestrians. Minor details aside, accomplishing that little trip has given me a taste for cross city driving.

Unfortunately, all the excitement was in the journey and not the destination. The outlet floor isn't as vibrant as it used to be. There seemed to be less stores than before and the range wasn't too inspiring. I might be disappointed but my credit cards definitely aren't.

Who knows, I might even drive to the beach one of these days....

Which segues rather nicely into today's purchase. I've finally gotten my act together with regard to introducing Baby SSG to the water. I'm planning to take him swimming this summer at our local pool and also at the beach. I found this range of swim wear and accessories at Target and managed to get $10 off my purchase (I love nice surprises like that at the checkout).

The rash vest, bathers and hat are all made of UPF 50 (excellent sun protection) fabric. The vest and bathers come as a set for $25. The bathers I got are pull on with no ties (very handy if you've got yourself a wriggler like I have.... the moves we bust at each nappy change. My gym sessions are paying off). There is an alternate style with boardies instead of bathers. The hat ($12) has a firm chin strap with a velcro closure. It's soft to the touch but has a wide brim that doesn't 'flop' and offers good protection from the glare.

I couldn't resist getting the cover up ($18) as well. It's made of a towelling fabric and has a hood. There isn't a UPF grading for this item.

Our sun protection this summer is this spray on block from Neutrogena. I will report back as to how Baby SSG's skin fares with it.

Well, that's Baby SSG sorted for this summer. I'm sure I've got all my things for summer... somewhere....

Before I go, a dishwasher update. I had no idea rinse aid actually did what it promised. I've been seeing shine and feeling dryness (even on plastics) ever since I got my act together and got my hands on this magical blue liquid.

Right, I'm off to have another cup of tea and refocus to face it all again tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening.


  1. I hope baby SSG enjoys swimming as much as you do! I recently bought the neutrogena spray on sunscreen as I saw it on special and it's been my favourite so far. Smells nice, easy to spray and rub in and not greasy!! Especially when you have a toddler who runs away at the sight of you about to 'do' something to them so I'm def going to get more. Good luck with you driving around town. All those one way streets! You'll be pro in no time. x

  2. Baby Phoenix already has the cutest wee little swimming suit thanks to a gift voucher I won for Mini Sandcrabs! I'm going to see if baby and I like the water from early on - it'll be me that's the wuss I hate cold water!! L xx


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