Nov 22, 2013

Dolls at the Pool. New Cereal.

Things are just a little different at the pool, mid morning on a weekday.  The early morning squad trainers and fitness swimmers are done for the day.  The lap pools are cordoned off for swim school lessons and the aquarobics ladies are refuelling with their coffees and home made biscuits.

Over at the kiosk overlooking the paddling pools, the dolls have taken over.  Hiding in the pot plants and drying off on the decking, they looked to be having almost as much fun as their tiny owners.

Hooded towelling cover ups are de rigueur at the pool if you're 75 cm (give or take a wriggle under the tape measure) tall.  Here, Baby SSG is modelling the $18 Target version I bought this month.

Building on the success of our trip to the beach, Baby SSG and I went 'swimming' yesterday.  We spent a few minutes observing our surroundings as we stood in ankle deep water before venturing deeper into the bubbles and finally attempting a bit of floating in the shallow area of the teaching pool.  It was actually much less stressful than I thought it would be and I hope we can make a trip to the pool a regular thing to do together.

Baby SSG had a such a good time that he slept for an hour and half the moment we got home.  I know all I did was walk around in the water wearing my bathers for 20 minutes but it was as relaxing as a trip to the beach.  Only minus the 'how to get there' dramas.

There was excitement at the gym yesterday.  Management have embraced chocolate.  Chocolate coated protein bars, that is.  The problem with things high protein is that I can't get those protein shakes out of my mind.  I've never actually had a protein powder shake, mind you, but the whole concept is just so strange to me.  What's wrong with just having protein rich whole foods?  And then having some chocolate after.  It's always good to know where you stand on things like this, I guess. 

Coles continues to be my source for potted plants.  It's getting harder and harder to stick to my list when I shop there these days.  Meet my new moth orchid for one of the side tables in the bedroom.  I love the way the branches droop just so and the flowers cascade accordingly.  I'm going for a light and airy feel to the room and am hoping that a real plant will survive under the lighting conditions.  If not, I may have to find myself a fauxrchid.

In exciting breakfast news, I've rediscovered kiwi fruit and found a new breakfast cereal...  

Woolworths' Vanilla Almond Clusters ($4.99 per box).    It's monumental for me, I've been eating Weetbix with yoghurt for the last decade and a half.  Except for that crazy poached eggs and ketchup phase during my pregnancy.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Woolworths cereal is that it actually looks somewhat like the photo on the box and that you can indeed taste vanilla and see almonds when you pour out a random portion from the box.  There's no need to dig around for the interesting ingredients - it's actually a reasonable quality product.  I've not quite given up on Weetbix.  I just fill the cereal bowl with a 50:50 split of Weetbix and cereal.

I've got a busy weekend ahead with work so I'm going to make the most of this afternoon and perhaps go out for dinner.

By the way, has anyone got any thoughts about Santa photos around Sydney?  I'm planning on giving Rhodes a go (because it fulfills the desirable criteria of good parking, Oliver Brown dark chocolate mochas as well as Ikea and Target on site) but would love to hear about how you've found other shopping centres.  Is the Santa corner at Rhodes decked out nicely?


  1. Baby SSG is so precious! He must have really enjoyed himself.

  2. I also find myself drawn by the allure of the flowers stationed outside Woolies and Coles. They had some beautiful peonies last week.

  3. Would like to see how your orchid goes. If so I'd copy that for my own bedroom.Tehehe

  4. I tend to regard orchids as long lasting cut flowers due to my inability to make them thrive, but I figure if I get three months out of them then I've done well. The trick I've been told is to give them a soak in the sink once a week. My problem is that I forget and it is probably more like once every three months. But I'm thrilled to see that they are in stock, might be time to refresh my currently rather dry and wrinkly one.

  5. For all my friends with babies, swimming seems to always tire out the kids... they all nap very well afterwards!
    I am yet to take Ava to the pools but have enrolled her to start swimming classes in January. Very excited!


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